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    I’m putting this here mostly for iOS users or for anyone else who’s just started this game:

    You can double the amount of EXP a party member gets by equipping them with a Welcome Arkstone. (So each time they use a skill in battle, they get 2 EXP instead of 1.)

    If you play the Premium version and get the free AMP, you can buy a Welcome Arkstone in the Online Shop for 400P. (You can buy more than one. If you do, then I recommend buying 2 Welcome Arkstones and the Experience Orb, then save your remaining AMP for Tray Pearls to unlock the ultimate Maid Weapons at the end of the game.)

    I had to reset my game so I’ve lost all my save data, so I don’t know if you can buy the Welcome Arkstone in the Guild Shop…

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    Welcome Arkstone is not available in the Guild Shop, However Enemies do drop it and by that I mean Bonus Enemies and Boulder Enemies in The Boulder Region.


    Could you describe the “Bonus enemies” that you mentioned in the aforementioned post, if you remember?



    Could you describe the β€œBonus enemies” that you mentioned in the aforementioned post, if you remember?


    Mostly Bonuses Enemies are special enemies you can find in some specific region, places or some exclusive place you can be access via shop or quest, etc.

    But there’s also type of bonuses enemies like Deviant, Mutant and Metal and since we talking about Menace here, this can also be the case. (sorry for bad grammar)

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