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    Asdivine Menace Storyline Expert Guide:
    This guide will show you the strategies and recommended levels for completing
    Asdivine Menace’s main storyline on Expert difficulty. Note that optional
    content is more or less ignored in this guide. This guide does not assume that
    you possess the premium version of the game.

    (Also, note that this guide looks a lot better if you copy it to a text file
    and look at it there. It has been written with manual line-breaks every eighty
    or so characters.)

    General Notes:
    1: This guide assumes that you start the game on Expert and keep it on Expert
    throughout your playthrough. The only exception to this is the Arena: after
    you beat a matchup once at the arena, you are free to lower the difficulty
    as keeping it on Expert would take forever, and the arena has many useful
    2: This guide should work whether you have the free or premium version. No
    premium items are used. Barrel Busters will also not be played.
    3: You are expected to open as many treasure chests as you can throughout the
    game. Equipment is highly important to your success in using this guide. The
    location walkthrough on rpginsanity shows you where all the treasure chests are
    and is a good supplement to this guide.
    4: Expert is not for the faint of heart. Expect to spend a large portion of
    your time grinding.
    5: This guide focuses primarily on battle strategies. Navigation advice is left
    to the aforementioned location walkthrough.
    6: Do not use Auto or the battle shortcut for battles. Leveling up skills in
    Asdivine Menace is important and using auto can result in underleveled skills.
    7: This guide reflects my general tastes in terms of useful equipment and
    special effects.
    8: I will attempt to keep all my characters alive for every battle so that they
    all level up at the same time.
    9: It is advised to set the encounter rate to “Double” in the beginning of
    the game, especially if you do not have the premium version.
    10: Recommended levels are exactly that—recommendations. In most cases, the
    recommended level is the level that I cleared the boss during my playthrough;
    however, I sometimes set it 1-3 levels lower if the boss was rather easy for
    me. Also, keep in mind that the ease of a battle is also dictated by your
    skill levels. If you are not closely following this guide, your ability to
    defeat the boss will be much different.
    11: Getting to the normal end will take about 38-40 hours if you are following
    this guide. The true end will take an additional 3-5 hours.

    Klaver Village
    There’s not much to do here. Be sure to grab the treasure in the city, and
    do the first subquest. Other than that, visit the item shop and buy three
    heal gummies with your starting funds.

    Near Folia Woods: Levels 3-6
    Start walking around and doing battles. You will likely die a lot. Do not
    enter Folia Woods until you have a few levels down your belt. Use your Death
    Slash skill when you can. Flee if there are multiple enemies in the battle.
    Use healing gummies as appropriate. If you need to heal or restock, you can
    always go back to Klaver Village. Once you reach level 4, you can generally
    handle two of the squirrels in a single battle. When you reach level 5, the
    enemies in this area are no longer much of a threat, and you can safely
    handle multiple enemies at once. At level 6, you unlock Heavy Strike. Be sure
    to start training that skill as well. You will be gaining quite some gold
    during this grinding. Use it to buy some of the curing items (virus remedy,
    cure matter, etc.) as well as more gummies.

    Folia Woods: Levels 6-10
    This area is very short and sweet. Continue to grind some here before
    attempting the boss. Be sure to continue to use your two skills (ideally use
    the more powerful one) whenever you can. You can use Needle Spike whenever you
    are out of BP to use skills.

    Boss Battle: Crybaby Spirit ; Recommended Level: 7
    This battle is fairly easy. Be sure Izayoi has full health at the beginning
    of the battle. Then just use Death Slash twice, and that should be enough to

    Folia Woods Continued: Levels 7-10
    After the battle, Ratona joins your party. Thus, the battles here should be
    much easier. Use heal gummies as needed and be sure to continue training your
    skill levels. Ratona can also cast Heal as an alternative to heal gummies.
    Ratona’s skill Heaven Help Us is a useful one and worth training early, even
    if that means battles take longer. By the time I left the woods, that skill
    was level 8. (You can use the Guard command in battle to help grind the skill.)

    Iris will give you some elemental magic rings when you meet her. Be sure to
    equip them. I put the light ring on Izayoi and the other two on Ratona.
    When you return to Klaver Village, be sure to stock up once more on more
    consumables, especially the curing items (cure matter, virus remedy, growth
    mushroom). Also buy a few revive pudding. You never know when these items
    will come in handy, and gold tends to be overflowing in these games anyway.

    Granum Mountain: Levels 10-14
    The enemies near Granum Mountain are pretty tough. Don’t be afraid to flee
    battles if needed. Continue to use your skills and use Heaven Helps Us
    whenever possible. Grind near the village until your level is a bit higher.
    Also, when you have the gold, go back to the village and buy the new armor
    in the shop for a small defense boost. Use magic against the bronze fighters
    as they have a high physical defense.

    The enemies inside Granum Mountain are fairly straightforward. Just make sure
    to flee from the Behemoths. They aren’t worth the trouble and time. Your most
    useful skills tend to be Death Slash and Heaven Help Us at this point, so use
    them as often as possible. Be sure to heal after battles using either gummies
    or light magic. You will find a shortsword in one of the chests on Granum
    Mountain. Unless you got something better from barrel busters, it should
    replace your current sword. (In general, use weapons from chests to upgrade
    your current weapon. I’ll note any that I keep or actively use.) You will also
    find a Twiggy Stick with HP Regen on it. Transfer the poison from your old
    weapon and then use that weapon for Ratona.

    Boss Battle: Glutton Sauria ; Recommended Level: 11
    This battle isn’t very tough. Just have Izayoi use Death Slash and Ratona
    use Shadow Fire and Attack Down. The attacks are somewhat strong, so be sure
    to heal if either character goes under 100 HP.

    Granum Mountain Continued: Levels 11-14
    At level 12, Ratona learns the skill Taste This. You should start training
    this skill when you unlock it. On the other hand, you can ignore Izayoi’s
    Haze Slash. Try to get Heaven Help Us up to level 20 as well as Heavy Strike.
    At this point, Ratona should be able to use Heaven Help Us on most turns.
    (Once again, if you want to spend time grinding skills, kill all the enemies
    except one. Then use things like Guard or Haze Slash to pass the time. This
    only works for skills that deal no damage.)

    Lilak Temple, Galaxy Bridge, and Morey Temple
    Lilak Temple, the Galaxy Bridge, and Morey Temple all do not possess monsters,
    which is always nice. You do find Litany here. Be sure to equip the Nodachi
    with MP recovery on Litany and transfer over poison to the weapon. You will
    also find a shadow ring in the temple. Give it to Izayoi. You will find
    another light ring as well that you should give to Litany.

    Road to Hwael Village: Levels 13-15
    Some of the enemies here do high damage like the Lizardman. Continue having
    Ratona use Heaven Help Us and Taste This when she has the BP needed. For
    Izayoi, you should continue using Death Slash and Heavy Strike. Heavy Strike
    is good when there’s a single enemy. For Litany, you should primarily use
    Reverse Cut. Rhododendron is good if the enemy is low on HP. Be sure to heal
    after every battle. Flee from the Living Armor fights. They can cast deadly
    magic and have high defense. You will find another void magic ring. Give it to
    Litany. One of the treasure chests also has an encounter ring. You absolutely
    must make sure to not miss that one; it makes grinding much easier. Another
    chest has a Shortsword+38 that should replace your current one. By the time
    you make it to Hwael Village, Heaven Help Us should be near level 30 and
    Death Slash should be over level 40. Note that you do not need to head south
    towards Kanar’s passage for the time being.

    Hwael Village
    Be sure to upgrade your armor here. This should be the first thing you do in
    any new town. Aside from that, stock up on consumable items especially cure
    matter and revive pudding (about 25 for the former and 7 for the latter).

    Velle Cave: Levels 14-18
    Your strategy is pretty much the same here as it was before. The only
    difference is I started to use Flash Strike instead of Reverse Cut here. You
    will eventually want to get that skill to at least level 20 due to its special
    effect. Watch out for Mind Geists and Mighty Crabs. The former has high health
    and cast countdown. You should consider fleeing if you see one. The latter
    has high physical defense, so you should consider using magic against it.
    You will find a Light Saber+18 with Critical Up on it. It should
    replace your weapon for Izayoi. (Critical Up is a pretty useful status for
    grinding because it is the only way to reasonably kill metal monsters.)

    Boss Battle: Childish Spirit ; Recommended Level: 16
    This is another easy battle. Have Ratona and Litany cast Attack Down and
    Guard Down whenever needed. Otherwise, Izayoi should use Heavy Strike, Litany
    should use Flash Strike, and Ratona should use supporting spells and skills.
    Watch out for the enemy’s Needle Spike magic; it deals some heavy damage. Be
    sure to heal (or use revive pudding) afterwards.

    Velle Cave Continued: Levels 16-18
    After the battle, Noelle joins the party. Like Ratona, she is rather weak
    with physical attacks, so you should put her in the rearguard. Take Izayoi’s
    light ring and give it to Noelle so she can start learning light magic.
    Noelle should use Let’s Trade and Me Wants That! in battle. Chaos Squids
    begin showing up; flee from them as they are not worth the struggle.
    Definitely flee from the Ophidian Dragons. In another chest is a Light Rod+20
    with both HP Regen and MP Regen. This should become Ratona’s new weapon.

    Boss Battle: Scarlet Hare Bear ; Recommended Level: 18
    This battle is a step up from the last few. Main thing here is to pay
    attention to your health; try to keep all characters above 300 HP at all
    times. Aside from that, Izayoi should use Heavy Strike pretty much every
    turn. The rest should use a more supporting role using things like Attack
    Down, Heal, and Heaven Help Us. Also, this monster has a Roar skill that can
    paralyze the entire party if you are unlucky. It also causes confusion.
    Definitely cure paralysis as soon as you can; you can also use Ratona’s
    Heaven Help Us to accomplish this. (It should be well beyond level 20 at this

    By the time you exit the cave, Flash Strike should be above level 10. For me,
    Heaven Help Us was approaching level 40 and Death Slash was approaching level
    50. Heavy Strike was also nearing level 40.

    Road to Orque Town: Levels 18-20
    The strategy here is mostly unchanged. Whenever there are lots of enemies, you
    should use Reverse Cut and Death Slash. When there are only a few enemies, you
    should use Flash Strike and Heavy Strike. Ratona should use Heaven Help Us
    pretty much every turn. This should be enough to allow Noelle to use
    Me Wants That! each turn. With as much BP that Heaven Help Us should be giving
    you now, you can consider using other skills once every three or so turns.
    At level 20, you’ll unlock new skills. You can ignore them for the time being.
    Try to get Death Slash up to level 50 as it will gain the ability to instantly
    kill enemies at that level.

    Orque Town
    Once again, go to the equipment shop and buy one of each armor. Replace each
    character’s armor with the respective upgrade. (The Ribbony Ribbon should go
    to Noelle.) Spend the rest of your money at the item shop. Try to get 50 of
    each of the important stuff. (Charge jelly, pickaxes, wing goods, exit
    feathers, idlators, and indignators are not important.) You will find an
    Attribute Ring in the palace. You can give it to Ratona and transfer the
    shadow ring to Noelle. When you leave the palace, you will also be able to
    use unisons. Most of them are rather useless, so you can ignore them for now.

    From Orque Town to Morey Temple: Levels 20-22
    Now would be a good time to start training the new level 20 skills. It’s a
    long trip back unfortunately, but at least you can grind quite some experience
    on the way. While Ratona’s new skill is nice, Heaven Help Us is much more
    useful, and I think Ratona plays a very good support role in this game. You
    can also ignore Noelle’s new skill as it is useless, so focus on using
    Intermittent Slash and Petal Strike when you have enough BP. Otherwise, you
    should basically use the same strategy as before. Try to get Flash Strike up
    to 20 so that you gain the delay turn special effect on it. This may prove
    useful during boss battles.

    Near Vega Temple: Levels 22-23
    The same strategy works here as well. The Spotted Mares have a fairly strong
    attack that regularly does 250-350 damage, so be sure to keep watch of your

    Gemini Town
    As always, be sure to upgrade your equipment. The Fur Coat is pretty bad
    because it results in you taking double damage, and your magic is not very
    strong at this point. Instead, buy Noelle a Guild Tunic. She needs the extra
    defense. A guild branch is located in this town, but on Expert difficulty,
    you are likely to get trounced at the arena at this level. You can certainly
    try though.

    Gemini Town Vicinity: Levels 23-26
    These enemies are pretty annoying as they do high damage and have high health.
    If there are five or six enemies, have Noelle use Mysterious Dance. This might
    incapacitate some of the enemies. Otherwise, follow the strategy from before.
    Consider using Death Slash if there are a lot of enemies as well due to its
    instant swoon effect. You might want to consider using the encounter ring to
    grind here some as well.

    Seirios Grove: Levels 25-31
    I’m starting to use Reverse Cut and Death Slash more as damage mitigation is
    becoming rather important in surviving battles. Once again, if there are lots
    of enemies, start the battle off with Noelle’s Mysterious Dance. Throughout
    the grove are scripted battles that I’m not going to include help for. You
    cannot flee these battles, but they are regular enemies, so just use the
    same strategy as normal battles. Me Wants That! becomes even more useful at
    level 20 as it begins restoring MP in addition to HP. If everyone has high
    BP (>= 75 BP), consider using Taste This instead of Heaven Help Us on Ratona’s
    turn. One of the chests contains a Guild Saber+6 with 22% critical. It should
    replace Izayoi’s previous weapon.

    Boss Battle: Jane ; Recommended Level: 27
    Jane has pretty strong attacks; you will want to keep your characters’ health
    above 600 HP at all times. Healing items tend to be more effective than
    casting Heal. Izayoi should focus on using Intermittent Slash each turn with
    Ratona and Litany taking a more supportive role. Noelle can use Me Wants That
    to heal. Attack Down should be cast often to reduce the amount of damage
    taken. Litany can use Flash Strike when she is not busy healing or casting
    Attack Down. The battle will take some time, but if you keep your health high,
    you should succeed with minimal trouble. (You will need about 10-15 Heal
    Jelly for this fight, so I hope you stocked up earlier.)

    Seirios Grove Continued: Levels 27-31
    The battle will give you an Attribute Ring; give it to Litany and transfer
    the light ring to Izayoi. The same strategy from earlier mostly applies. Just
    keep in mind you can cast Mysterious Dance multiple times if you don’t have
    much luck the first time. You will find a Rasetsu+18 with Critical Up on it.
    It should not replace Litany’s weapon, but you should keep it.

    Boss Battle: Red-Winged Centaur ; Recommended Level: 29
    This centaur is rather fast, so you should cast Guard Down to keep its speed
    to a reasonable amount. This boss also deals high damage regularly doing
    600 damage in one attack. Watch out for the skill Earth Anger that harms the
    entire party and can do 900 damage per character. My basic strategy was to
    cast Guard Down as often as needed and have Izayoi focus on doing damage
    while the others supported the party. If you need to heal a character by
    more than about 300 HP, you should use heal jelly rather than casting Heal.
    The battle will take quite some time to finish, and you’ll use about 15-20
    heal jellies doing it, but it should be manageable.

    Now at this point, you can either walk back or use an exit feather. I tend to
    walk back to gain some additional experience, but it likely only makes a level
    or two difference. It may also be faster to grind the experience in the next
    region to make up for the lost levels. The main downside to not walking back
    is less opportunity to grind skill levels. By the time you are finished with
    the grove (especially if you walked back), Petal Strike and Intermittent Slash
    should be approaching level 20. (They should be at least level 15.) You will
    also learn new skills at level 30, but you should ignore them for now if you
    are walking back.

    Sailing to Polaris Shrine: Levels 30-31
    When you stop by Gemini Town, be sure to stock up on consumables again
    (ideally have like 50 of each), but also make sure to leave some money for
    equipment upgrades later. The enemies on the ocean are not that much more
    difficult than the ones in Seirios Grove. The new skills are also not that
    impressive. Thus, you should employ the same strategy as before. Ratona can
    start using Taste This every third turn or so at this point.

    Polaris Shrine
    One of the things you will find is an Ichimonji+10 with HP Regen. You should
    equip that to Litany, but you should keep your old weapon as well.

    Sailing to Skorpios Village: Levels 30-32
    The enemies on the ocean are the same as before, so no new strategy is needed

    Skorpios Village
    Once you are in Skorpios Village, be sure to upgrade your equipment. You can
    buy a Raincoat for Noelle if you like, or you can buy her a dress. Spend the
    rest of your money restocking on consumables, particularly Heal Honey. Ratona
    will leave your party during this part of the story. (This is rather *bleh*
    as the monsters are hard enough even with all four characters.)

    Traveling to Deneb Peak: Levels 31-32
    I would initially flee these battles until Ratona rejoins your party. Then I
    suggest going back and grinding a bit. Do not forget to re-equip Ratona’s
    weapon, and I would change the battle formation back to the same as before.

    Deneb Peak: Levels 32-37
    Petal Strike and Intermittent Slash should be both above level 20 by this
    point. Both have pretty useful effects with the former delaying turn and the
    latter increasing your speed. The same strategy against the monsters should
    be employed here as well. The drakes can cast Wind Storm which can
    instantly KO two of your party members. Try to eliminate them early, but do not
    be afraid to flee if needed. Needle Spike is useful for delaying the turns of
    the drakes so you can deal enough damage to kill them. Mysterious Dance is
    useful to try to incapacitate the drakes. Death Slash’s two effects are also
    effective against them. The Soul Armor has high physical defense. You should
    try using Death Slash against them (for the instant swoon possibility). You
    could also try magic, but I like to conserve mine. Witch’s Active (if you
    have unlocked it) is a good magic spell to use.

    Another thing you should try to do is get Heavy Strike to level 50. It should
    not take too terribly long (mine was above level 40 at this point), and its
    special effect may be useful in the future: a high chance of paralyzing your

    You will find a Buster Dress in a treasure chest that should obviously go to
    Litany. You will also find a Bronze Rod+42 with Critical Up on it that you
    should keep. Another chest contains an Exploder Rod with Critical Up. First
    upgrade it using the previously found Bronze Rod+42.

    Boss Battle: Azael ; Recommended Level: 32
    This boss likes to cast a lot of magic, so Nullify is a necessity here. Keep
    in mind this means you will have to use items to heal and restore MP. (Witch’s
    Active’s effect is unfortunately nullified as well.) Now might be a good time
    to setup a unison. For all four characters, use one of the unison slots to
    cast Nullify All (Nullify + Nullify). While this isn’t strictly needed for
    this boss, it’s very useful being able to cast it on all characters at once.
    Keep in mind that the charge time for unisons is dependent on how far the
    secondary character is from taking their turn. Try to minimize this time by
    observing your party order ahead of time. The other thing to watch out for is
    the boss’s Chaos Illusion magic. This can instantly kill your entire party if
    you are not careful. Try to keep everyone’s health at max. The skill easily
    does 1100+ damage, so keep that in mind.

    The boss will use Confusion Wave at the start of the battle and on occasion.
    This skill, while not deadly, deals moderate damage (~700 each) and can confuse
    the party. Ideally, you should equip a Wholesome Ring B on Ratona before the
    fight since she can instantly cure the rest of the party with Heaven Help Us.
    The danger in this skill lies in your Nullify buffs wearing off. Aside from
    these aspects, the fight is fairly easy (but long). Use the same skills you
    have been using in this fight.

    Deneb Peak Continued: Levels 33-37
    With as many times as I’ve said “use the same strategy as before”, I think I
    am going to stop saying that and just let you assume that. Anyway, the enemies
    here are mostly the same as before. There is a Zahhak Dragon that you should
    definitely flee from. Be sure to save often as it also could wipe you out
    before you get a chance to flee.

    You’ll find a Marshmallow Saber+4 with HP Regen in one of the chests here.
    That should become Izayoi’s new primary weapon, but be sure to keep the old
    one still. You will also find a Blood Saber+36 in one of the chests. You can
    get rid of it if you wish (I will not be using it this game), but it’s effect
    works pretty nicely with a Berserk Arkstone. This is just something to consider
    if you want to try something different from normal this game. Most of my
    strategies for bosses will focus on having Izayoi being the primary damage
    dealer, so you will not have to deviate too much if you choose this path.

    Boss Battle: Alex ; Recommended Level: 35
    I hope you have been collecting items from treasure chests because you are
    going to need them now. First, you need to equip Acceleration Rings to Ratona
    and Litany. This is very important as otherwise, you will be instantly killed
    by Alex’s magic. The next step is to make sure that Ratona and Litany have
    a unison together where they cast Nullify All. When you start the battle, the
    very first thing you should do is cast Nullify All with Ratona. Aside from
    keeping your nullify buff active, this battle is fairly straightforward as
    most of Alex’s attacks are magic. I recommend you cast Guard Down on Alex
    due to his pretty high speed. The only other thing to watch out for is
    his Illusion Blow skill that makes you face the rear. You might miss your turn
    when your nullify buff expires.

    Once again, you can either walk back or use an exit feather. By the time you
    leave here, Taste This should be above level 15 and Me Wants That should be
    at least level 50. I’d also recommend remove the Acceleration Rings after
    the fight, but it does not really matter.

    The Arena ; Recommended Level: 37 (Optional)
    At this point, most of your elemental magic skill levels should be approaching
    50 if they are not past there already. Thus, it is important to get the higher
    class rings so that you can continue to train them. While you could wait and
    find some in chests, it may be more effective to fight in the arena and buy
    them now. (It is probably easiest to return the guild branch in Asdivine
    rather than the one in Estrella.)

    (Note: This section is optional. Magic seems underpowered compared to skills,
    so you will not end up behind if you skip this section. The required magic you
    need (Nullify, Attack Down, Guard Down) all require elemental skill levels
    below 50; thus, further advancement is not a requirement.)

    For the first arena fight, use Reverse Cut, Me Wants That, and Death Slash.
    The battle should be over before they have a chance to attack.

    The second fight will take a bit longer as the enemies have quite some health,
    but it should not be too much trouble as your defense is very high relative
    to their attacks. Use the same strategy you use in normal battles.

    For the third fight, the enemies deal high damage but are rather
    straightforward. Do not be fooled into thinking magic works better on the
    turtle-like enemies; your skills are much better. Get rid of the shrimp first
    in case those shrimp have magic attacks.

    The final fight is rather difficult even despite the fact you are at twice the
    suggested level. Treat it like a boss battle, and do not be afraid to use
    items. Actually, this fight is harder than any of the boss battles you have
    done so far, but it is also mostly straightforward. You will need to cast
    Nullify as both the Pup in the Barrel and Hulking Beast can cast magic.
    Whenever the Pup uses Grow Up, be sure to immediately debuff them on your
    next turn using Attack Down and Guard Down. While you can try to take them
    both down at once, I’d advise focusing on the beast first and snipe them

    Once you do it the first time on Expert, feel free to drop the difficulty down
    to Easy and farm it. (The rationale being that if you can do it once on Expert,
    you can do it again, so all we’re really saving on is time.) You can also try
    on normal difficulty (on Expert mode), but I would not recommend it at your
    current level. If you stick to Bronze Cup Easy mode, you will need to do it
    about 30 times. Use the int seeds you get on Ratona and Noelle primarily.
    (30 times is enough to buy one of each type. You can grind longer, but I would
    not recommend it. Give the shadow and void rings to Ratona and the light ring
    to Noelle.) (Alternatively, since the next few places have the alpha versions
    of the elemental rings, you can grind up to a heavy ring now. The heavy ring
    will be useful as many of the following areas have arrow tiles.)

    Back to Lamel: Levels 36-37
    You can either walk to Kanar Passage if you want some additional experience,
    or you can use a flight feather to Hwael Village to decrease the amount of
    time it takes to get there. Either way, be sure to grab the treasures in that
    area of the map that you likely missed earlier. The enemies you will meet on
    the way are very low-leveled, so battles should not present an issue.

    Kanar Passage: Levels 36-39
    The Piercer Shrimp have rather strong attacks, so try to take them out first.
    I recommend fleeing from the Marine Squids. They have very high health making
    them annoying to dispatch. You will find a Great Saber+22 with MP Regen in a
    treasure chest. You should keep it but not equip it. There is also a Bronze
    Doll+36 with HP Regen on it. This should replace Noelle’s weapon. You can
    transfer the poison from Noelle’s old weapon over if you like, but I will not
    be doing so.

    Boss Battle: Sentient Armor (x2) ; Recommended Level: 39
    On the first turn of the battle, the enemies will use Transform. Pay attention
    to whether it is strengthened against physical or magical attacks as using
    that style of attack will cause you to deal absurdly low damage. I would start
    by trying to kill the one that is vulnerable to physical attacks as your skills
    will do more damage than magic. If you are stuck using magic, I recommend
    using Needle Spike and Shadow Fire because they are MP efficient and the
    higher level magics are rather disappointing. Try to keep your health above
    1200 HP while two remain.

    Once there is only one left, the attack pattern changes. The final armor will
    attack twice per turn and has a different set of skills. You will want to keep
    your health a little higher as a result. The armor can also use Death Slash
    which causes Countdown, so be sure to revive when the timer expires. Aside
    from these comments, the battle is relatively easy and straightforward. Also,
    if the armor is currently vulnerable to magic attacks, combining Guard Down
    and spamming Needle Spike can significantly decrease the number of turns
    the armor gets.

    Road to Dauphin Village: Levels 39-40
    As a quick reference for skill levels, by the time you reach Dauphin Village,
    Taste This and Reverse Cut should be over 20 and Petal Strike should be above
    level 50. Mysterious Dance should be above level 15. You will learn new skills
    at level 40. Pretty much none of them are worth using at this time. (Winter
    Camelia might be useful in boss battles, but it isn’t worth it in normal
    fights. Cheering Dance is like a high level version of Ratona’s Heaven Help
    Us, but with Heaven Help Us maxed out, it has very limited usefulness.)

    Dauphin Village
    There’s not much to do here. Just remember to upgrade your gear like normal.
    You should also be overflowing in cash allowing you to buy near max stack of
    every consumable item available at the item shop.

    Journey to Iceberg Ruins: Levels 40-42
    The enemies here easily do 1000+ damage in a single attack, so be sure to
    watch your health. You should consider grinding a few levels in the previous
    area before tackling this one. Consider occasionally using Heavy Strike when
    few enemies remain (3 or less) due to its high rate of paralysis. You should
    also use Mysterious Dance at the start of every battle due to how much damage
    the enemies do at this point. You will find a Light Ring ɑ in a treasure
    chest. You should give it to Noelle if you did not grind the arena earlier.

    Iceberg Ruins: Levels 41-50
    The Froth Cancers have a higher physical defense, but I would not recommend
    you use magic against them due to how weak magic is. You will want to kill
    or disable them first due to their powerful attacks (skills frequently deal
    1800 damage to the people in front) and annoying magic (mirage shield). Heavy
    Strike is nice due to its high paralysis rate. At level 20, Mysterious Dance
    also inflicts Int Down and Spd Down making it all the more useful.

    After a point, the enemy makeup will change. You should automatically flee from
    the Leviathan Dragon since they can kill you in one turn. The Armed Kraken is
    less dangerous, but due to its high health, you should always have Izayoi use
    Death Slash against it. You will also want to prevent it from moving because
    its skill Terra Voice can paralyze or confuse your entire party.

    You will find a Shadow Ring ɑ in one of the chests in the ruins. You should
    give it to Ratona if she is not already using one. There’s another chest later
    in the ruins that has a Void Ring ɑ that should also go to Ratona. Another
    chest has a Durandal with Critical Up on it. Use it to upgrade the Guild Saber
    with Critical Up that you already possess.

    When you reach the boss, it is likely you aren’t at the recommended level yet.
    To aid the grinding process, you should do two things: 1) equip an encounter
    ring and 2) equip critical up weapons. The former eliminates the delay in
    starting battles and the latter gives you a chance of killing metal enemies
    if they appear.

    Boss Battle: Mirror Phantom ; Recommended Level: 45
    This boss has similar attacks as Litany does, and it uses shadow magic. Thus,
    your first priority is getting Nullify up as magic will instantly kill you
    in most cases. Nullify All works well, but you also have time to apply them
    individually. This boss also deals high damage with skills often doing 2000+
    damage to characters in the vanguard. Thus, Noelle and Ratona should focus on
    keeping everyone’s health high (above 2500 if possible). Guard Down is useful
    to get more turns, and do not forget to reapply Nullify buffs. You will have
    to expend some Revive Puddings since Camellia does over 3500 damage and can
    instantly kill one of your characters. Otherwise, this battle is fairly

    Iceberg Ruins Continued: Levels 44-50
    One chest has a Nagamitsu+24 with Critical Up on it. You should keep it and
    upgrade it with your Rasetsu+18 (with Critical Up) that you already have.

    When you finally get to the heal pentacle, use the same grinding technique
    as outlined above. You will definitely need to grind some levels as the
    following boss battle is very tough. At this point, you can try your luck
    against the dragon. Just make sure to have Izayoi use Death Slash against it
    since dragons typically have high health.

    Boss Battle: Jane ; Recommended Level: 50
    Before starting this battle, replace Ratona’s void ring ɑ with a wholesome
    ring. You can give the void ring to Litany if you like. This battle is very
    similar to the previous battle with Jane, but she is much stronger now. Jane
    always opens the battle with Starbreak Arrow, and this skill can paralyze and
    confuse your entire party. The ring should help Ratona not be paralyzed so that
    she can use Heaven Help Us to clear everyone else’s afflictions. If Ratona does
    end up paralyzed, have the first party member that can act use a cure matter on
    her. Jane is really fast, so you will also want to use Guard Down as soon as
    you can. Jane’s skills can deal between 2500-3500 damage (per target) depending
    on whether the target is in the vanguard or rearguard. (It’s closer to 2500
    for the Rearguard and closer to 3500 for the vanguard.) Ratona’s Taste This
    skill is very useful in healing the party. If Jane uses Vigor, first cast
    Attack Down until her attack isn’t buffed anymore then use Guard Down. Note
    that you can substitute Litany’s Petal Strike for Attack Down since its level
    50 effect inflicts ATK down and Jane does not use magic. Jane’s Smack skill
    inflicts confusion which is easily dealt with using a cure matter or Ratona’s
    Heaven Help Us. This battle is doable at lower levels, but there is much less
    room for error (and a bit more luck involved). You can use Haze Slash or
    Let’s Trade to get an extra maintenance ring (which is useful in some places).

    Iceberg Ruins Continued Again: Levels 48-50
    By the time you are finished with this area, Intermittent Slash should be above
    level 50, Mysterious Dance should be in the high 30’s, and Petal Strike should
    be above level 75. Once you find Neilius, use an exit feather to exit.
    Alternatively, you can walk back, but at this point in the game, the extra
    experience will be rather insignificant. I’d also advise switching your rings
    back to how they were before the battle with Jane. I also strongly recommend
    using a flight feather to return to Morey Temple.

    The Arena Part Two ; Recommended Level: 50
    Before you head off to Susha, go visit the arena in Asdivine. With your new
    levels, you should be able to easily clear the bronze cup on Normal and Hard
    mode now. For normal mode, be sure to equip a wholesome ring. This gives you
    a chance to resist the sleep at the beginning. You do not need to use Nullify
    in the final battle as the magic now only does about 1000-2000 damage to the
    party. (Be sure to negate the Pup’s boosts from Grow Up though.) Hard mode’s
    effect can be nullified by using maintenance rings if you have some. (Note that
    the Bathrobe also prevents parameter down effects.) Anyway, your goal here is
    to obtain enough guild coins to buy a Heavy Ring especially since several
    treasures were locked behind arrow tiles in the previous section of this guide.
    It should take about seven battles on hard mode to obtain enough guild coins.
    You can also grind out a Metal Arkstone; this will take about five additional
    entries in the hard mode of the battle arena. Give the heavy ring to Litany.
    (Alternatively, you can equip it only when you need it, but I like to have
    it on at all times.)

    Hugel Temple and Susha First Steps: Levels 48-50
    There’s not much to note here. The one or two battles you do on the surface
    of Susha before reaching the nearest village should not be too hard.

    Tigris Village
    Be sure to stop by the equipment shop and upgrade your armor. Give Noelle an
    Aromatic Robe. The item shop here also sells flight feathers in addition to the
    typical wares. I’d advise you buy a few to save time later. While money should
    not be a problem, you need to save 10’000 gold to advance the quest line, so
    keep that in mind before you go on a spending spree.

    To Matel Sanctuary (and later Ylla Forest): Levels 48-51
    (Note: I combined these parts since they occur within the same vicinity and
    are also very brief without a huge dungeon inbetween them.) The monsters on
    the water have high health and typically deal damage in the 2000’s. As always,
    inflicting status afflictions through Mysterious Dance tends to work the best.
    The enemies are also rather fast. Consider giving Noelle an acceleration ring
    so that she has a chance of paralyzing some of them before they act. (It can
    replace the shadow ring she has.)

    The monsters on the land are slightly weaker, but you should still be on your
    guard. Ylla Forest itself is not a dungeon, so there are no enemeies there.
    Once Ratona maxes out her elemental proficiencies, you can give the rings to
    someone else and equip a Release Ring on Ratona. I gave the void ring to Litany
    and the shadow ring to Izayoi.

    Journey to Nebulus Village: Levels 49-51
    When you go back through Vega Temple, don’t forget you can access some new
    treasures now with your heavy ring. In particular, you should keep a Bronze
    Doll+26 with Critical Up on it. The few enemies you will fight on the ocean
    are very easy as you are overleveled in comparison to them. It is a good
    opportunity to try out some different skills (like Litany’s Camellia).

    Nebulus Village and Spirit Palace
    You can choose to upgrade your armor here, but it is not strictly necessary.
    I chose not to use the new armor (though I did buy them just in case.) There’s
    a lot of treasure in the palace; be sure to search thoroughly.

    Boss Battle: Heaven’s Gift (x2) ; Recommended Level: 51
    You are advised to equip a wholesome ring on Ratona before starting this
    battle. (I’d advise just keeping it on her at all times.) You should also
    consider giving Noelle an Acceleration Ring. The enemies will use Boost Field
    at the start of the battle increasing everyone’s parameters by one rank (both
    yours and your enemies’). Noelle should use Mysterious Dance (as at level 20+,
    it decreases INT and SPD by one rank for all enemies) while everyone else uses
    Attack Down to decrease the enemies’ attack power to normal levels. Debuffing
    the enemies’ defenses with Guard Down is useful but not needed. These enemies
    can also cast the magic Sweet Breath that deals high (but not necessarily
    lethal) damage to the entire party and can cause sleep. Try to keep Nullify up
    on at least one of your characters (Ratona or Noelle are the best choices) to
    avoid getting wiped out by the magic. You can try to keep the Nullify buff
    active on everyone else as well, but it means the battle will take much longer
    due to the amount of time already spent on casting debuffs. Having full health
    and defense two ranks up can also allow you to survive this magic. Other
    attacks tend to do around 2000 damage with no buffs and around 800 damage
    with your defense two ranks up. Focus on killing the enemies one at a time,
    and it should not be too hard of a battle.

    Deneb Peak Part Two: Levels 49-55
    Most of the enemies in this area have relatively low defense, so you should
    be able to kill them quickly. The enemies’ attacks are also slightly weaker
    than in Susha. This is a good opportunity to try out some different skills if
    you like. Once you get past the midway point though, the enemies get harder
    again. The Allamanda are especially dangerous; their Squeeze skill can deal
    over 7000 damage to a character. Ouch! They also have rather high health, so
    try to disable them with paralysis. The Abraxas can cast magic, so don’t wait
    too long to kill them either.

    In one of the chests you will find a Crystal Saber+18 with HP Regen. It is
    ultimately up to you whether you allow it to replace your current weapon or
    upgrade your current weapon with it; however, I will be upgrading Izayoi’s
    current weapon for the purposes of this guide. You will also find a Silverlight
    Katana+18; use it to upgrade Litany’s other weapon that has Critical Up.

    Boss Battle: Ravager Drake ; Recommended Level: 55
    Make sure Ratona has a Wholesome Ring attached before starting this battle and
    make sure that everyone can cast void magic. This boss is exceptionally fast,
    but its attacks are not exceptionally strong. The first thing you will want to
    do is use Nullify All unison as at least half of the drake’s attacks are magic
    that target the entire party. After casting Nullify All, use either Mysterious
    Dance or Guard Down to reduce the drake’s speed to somewhat more reasonable
    levels. Aside from the drake’s magic, the drake also has a Paralysis Stinger
    skill that has a high chance of causing paralysis. Ratona’s Heaven Help Us is
    very useful with regards to dealing with this skill. If you can survive long
    enough to use Nullify All, then this battle should be rather easy. Be sure to
    keep an eye on your Nullify buff and reapply it if it fades away.

    Once you find the amaryllis, use an exit feather to leave the dungeon.

    Back to Susha: Levels 53-59
    As a navigation tip, you should sail east from just below Hugel Temple to
    reach Gaia’s position; do not try to sail south from Matel Sanctuary. Also,
    do not sail far south as the monsters below the large landmass are extremely
    high level and will obliterate you. The monsters on the landmass are fairly
    easy, and some of the enemies give really high experience. In particular, the
    Rufous Sphinx gives 70’000 experience despite only having about 17’000 health.
    (I imagine a developer punched in an extra digit by mistake and that it is only
    supposed to give around 7’000 experience, not 70’000.) Just be sure to cast
    Mysterious Dance at the start of each battle (moreso for the speed debuff
    than abnormal statuses).

    Moomie Village
    It’s about time to upgrade your equipment again. Buy two Ivory Caps and two
    Shadow Breastplates; give the Ivory Caps to Izayoi and Ratona and give the
    Shadow Breastplates to Litany and Noelle. By this point, Noelle has likely
    maxed out her skill in void magic. Give Izayoi the light ring, Litany the void
    ring, and Noelle the shadow ring.

    Collecting Red Furs: Levels 55-62
    To expediate the process, use an encounter ring. You can also use Haze Slash
    and Let’s Trade to steal the furs. Overall, these monsters are not too tough
    but be wary of the moomies’ magic. (If you steal the furs, you can flee the
    battle instead of finishing it, but given the amount of experience you get
    for killing these sphinxes, I do not recommend this approach.)

    Journey to Liun Ruins: Levels 59-63
    Quite unfortunately, you are not able to ride the dirigimoo all the way to
    your destination. Anyway, at level 60, you will unlock some new skills. Bye-Bee
    and Horizontal Slash are both useful due to being multi-target (although be
    aware that Horizontal Slash has charge time), so I would advise to start
    training those skills. Clear Mind is a useful support skill, but it is not
    worth manually training, especially since Litany should be your primary damage
    dealer. Ratona’s Let Me Protect You skill is a good alternative to using
    unisons in boss battles to nullify magic, but it isn’t something I would
    actively train. As far as the enemies in this area go, they aren’t too bad but
    some of them can cast magic.

    Liun Ruins: Levels 59-70
    If you have been training diligently, your skills should be very close to (if
    not above) the following levels at the start of this area: Death Slash – 99,
    Intermittent Slash – 60, Heaven Help Us – 99, Taste This – 55,
    Petal Strike – 99, Me Wants That – 99, and Mysterious Dance – 50.

    Most of the enemies here are not too bad. Defense is on the lower side, and
    enemies’ attacks tend to do about 3000 damage (though some do over 4000). Do
    watch out for the Archdemons that can use the skill Inferno; this will reduce
    a character’s HP or MP to 1. I’d advise in addition to training Horizontal
    Slash and Bye-Bee to start training Cheering Dance as Heaven Help Us’s 59 BP
    restoration is beginning to be too little. Always prioritize using the higher
    BP skills first and then use the lower BP skills. (Ratona will likely end up
    using Heaven Help Us every turn, but that is okay since she plays a supporting
    role anyway.)

    You will find an Elegant Saber+46 with MP Regen in one of the chests; use it
    to upgrade your Great Saber that also has MP Regen.

    Boss Battle: Brandisher (x3) ; Recommended Level: 62
    This battle is pretty easy. Their main advantage is their numbers; their
    attacks individually do not deal high damage. Start the fight by using
    Mysterious Dance to slow them down. Otherwise, focus on using single-target
    skills and killing them one by one. (Do not use multi-target skills like
    Bye-Bee or Horizontal Slash here as they have too much health for it to be
    worthwhile.) Whenever the speed down debuff fades, use Mysterious Dance again.
    Ratona’s Taste This is very useful for healing and may allow you to complete
    the battle without needing any items. These enemies appear to have fairly high
    physical defense but relatively low magic defense, so using shadow magic such
    as Catastrophe and Shadow Flare might work as well as using skills.

    Liun Ruins Continued: Levels 63-70
    Watch out for the Desert Flowers in this area as their Squeeze skill can deal
    up to 6000 damage. There is also a Belphegor Dragon. It is extremely fast, but
    you can reduce it to manageable speeds if you have Noelle use Mysterious Dance
    at the beginning. You could also just flee these encounters; if you do not
    flee, have Izayoi use Death Slash for the possible instant swoon effect.

    In one of the chests in the ruins is an Ashura+66 with Critical Up on it.
    Upgrade your existing Nagamitsu (with Critical Up) with it and then transfer
    the Critical Up effect to Litany’s primary weapon. (Also, consider deleting
    the INT Up effect from Litany’s primary weapon before transfering. Litany is
    really ill-suited for magic anyway. By deleting it now, you can potentially
    transfer a more useful effect like SPD Up or MP Regen later.)

    Boss Battle: Slayer Behemoth ; Recommended Level: 68
    This monster begins the battle with Roar and can disable your entire party
    with confusion and paralysis if you are unlucky. Be sure that Ratona has a
    wholesome ring equipped to decrease the chance of this happening. This boss
    is also extraordinarily fast even when debuffed. Have Noelle (or at least one
    of the characters) equip an acceleration ring at the beginning. This will allow
    you to use Guard Down (or Mysterious Dance) at the start. You will want to
    reapply the SPD Down debuff whenever it wears off as this monster is about
    twice as fast as you without it. This boss can also cast the magic Heat Breath,
    so you need to either use Nullify or Ratona’s Let Me Protect You skill to avoid
    getting instantly killed. As long as you are not super unlucky with Roar, this
    battle is not too difficult as the monster’s attacks do not deal significantly
    high damage.

    Once you find the black amaryllis, grab the final treasure and warp out using
    an exit feather. (You can also go back the long way as always.) Then use a
    flight feather to return to Moomie Village.

    Bachlag Pass: Levels 67-80
    It’s unlikely you will encounter any monsters on the way here, so I have
    decided not to waste characters discussing them. The enemies in the pass are
    very easy to kill; they have low defense (making limit breaks common) and weak
    attacks (damage is in the 3000’s typically). Just open each battle with
    Mysterious Dance, and you should have no trouble with these enemies.

    Boss Battle: Iris and Minerva ; Recommended Level: 70
    If you are familiar with Asdivine Dios, Iris and Minerva use similar skills
    to what they had in Dios. (The skill names are even the same!) Iris will also
    use light magic, and Minerva will use shadow magic. Start the battle by using
    Mysterious Dance for the speed debuff, then focus on getting magic
    nullification or magic reflection up on everyone. Both Minerva and Iris have
    some pretty dangerous skills. The two most dangerous are Minerva’s Reading Time
    that deals 5500-6500 damage to all characters (and heals Minerva by the amount
    of damage taken) and Iris’s Knuckle Sandwhich that deals about 5000-6000 damage
    to all characters. You will want to keep at least one character at max health
    to avoid being instantly wiped. It is also crucial to keep your magic
    nullification or reflection up and to keep the enemies’ speeds down one rank.
    Focus on killing them one at a time; I started with Iris, but both are equally
    deadly, so it does not matter. Iris’s and Minerva’s normal attacks deal about
    3000-4000 damage. One other note: when you die, your BP guage is always reset
    to zero; Cheering Dance is very effective in restoring it (Heaven Help Us works
    too but to a lesser extent.) Overall, this is one of the more difficult fights,
    but it is still very doable at the recommended level. You’ll get a light ring
    ɑ and a shadow ring ɑ from this fight. Give the shadow ring to Izayoi. You can
    give Litany the light ring if you are willing to switch between it and a heavy
    ring as needed.

    Bachlag Pass Continued: Levels 71-80
    The enemies in this area are as easy as the ones in the previous area. In one
    of the chests, you will find an Estoc+3 with MP Regen. Use it to upgrade
    Izayoi’s Great Saber+39 with MP Regen on it. At level 75, you unlock more new
    skills. Noelle’s Noelle Wants More and Ratona’s I Smell Danger skills are
    worth training. Do note that the former has a charging delay, but it is also
    an exceptionally good skill. Ratona’s I Smell Danger skill does decent damage
    to all enemies; combine it with some other multi-target skills to quickly wipe
    out enemies. Queen of the Night is a good skill to use during limit breaks,
    especially if the enemy has little health left.

    Boss Battle: Freya, Sadist Moomie, & Masochist Moomie ; Recommended Level: 76
    Start the battle with Mysterious Dance for the speed down debuff. Like Iris and
    Minerva, Freya uses her skills from Asdivine Dios, so familiarity with Dios
    will be helpful. The moomies possess the skill Yelling Voice that increases
    the other characters’ ATK and DEF by one rank; if they use it, be sure to
    counter with Attack Down (or Petal Strike) as soon as you can. The Masochist
    Moomie can also use Shadow Veil strengthening it against physical attacks.
    Likewise, the Sadist Moomie can cast Miracle Body strengthening it against
    magical attacks. Freya can also cast Nullify on any of the characters. Also,
    be aware that both moomies can cast the magic Soft Jiggle healing itself by
    about 65’000 health, so you will want to strike hard and quickly. You will also
    want to periodically use Mysterious Dance during the battle to keep the
    enemies slowed.

    Your first task is to kill the Masochist Moomie *before* it gets a chance to
    use Shadow Veil. This is extremely important; if it manages to use Shadow Veil,
    you might as well restart the battle. The first time I tried this battle, I
    tried to save it for last, but I found that my magic could not outpace its
    healing power, even after trying several different things. (Most of my magical
    attacks deal only about 2000-3000 damage, so this is not surprising.) Since
    this is so important, ignore magic nullification and magic reflection at the
    beginning of the battle. The only void magic Freya uses are Nullify, which
    deals no damage, and Stone Disruptor, which is single-target. You might lose
    a character to the magic, but killing the Masochist Moomie is much more
    important. You will still want to use Attack Down on Freya (or Petal Strike)
    if either Moomie uses Yelling Voice (which they tend to do early in the fight).

    After you kill the Masochist Moomie, it is up to you as to how you proceed.
    Freya deals more damage, but she also has more health than the Sadist Moomie.
    My only advice is to avoid trying to kill them both at once. Furthermore, while
    Freya is alive, try to keep your health above 6500. You should also start
    nullifying or reflecting magic to save on item usage during the battle. If you
    are having trouble killing the Masochist Moomie quickly enough, you should
    remember that you can always grind a few more levels first. The experience
    you gain from this area’s encounters is pretty high relative to your level.

    Despair Marsh: Levels 76-90
    The enemies here once again have low physical defense, but some of their
    attacks can deal high damage especially if they manage to land a critical
    strike. Just stick to the tactics previously discussed, and you should be fine.

    It will not take long for you to find your path blocked. From here, you will
    need to do four boss battles (though the order does not matter). For my
    playthrough, I decided to start with the northeast pentacle and proceed
    clockwise. (That’s the order they are listed in below.) Some general advice for
    all the battles are 1) make sure all characters can cast void magic (for
    Nullify although this is less important with Ratona’s Let Me Protect You skill)
    2) Keep a wholesome ring on Ratona (you never know what status effects the
    enemy can inflict, so it’s good insurance) and 3) Give Noelle an acceleration
    ring (so that she can debuff the enemies’ speeds with Mysterious Dance at the
    beginning). There are also various crystal equipment after each boss fight.
    The robes should go to Ratona and Noelle while the Dress goes to Litany.

    Boss Battle: Ancient Armor ; Recommended Level: 77
    This battle is really easy. The hardest part is hoping that your party does
    not get completely paralyzed by the Paralyze Wave skill this enemy possesses.
    Aside from that, if you keep everyone’s health above 5500, this battle is a
    cakewalk. Be sure to keep the SPD one rank down debuff active to expediate
    the process of killing this boss. This monster also does not use magic, so you
    should not waste your time keeping magic nullification or magic reflection up.

    Boss Battle: Demon Moomie ; Recommended Level: 77
    Before you start this battle, you will want to have two people equipped with
    acceleration rings. You will want to use the Nullify All unison on your first
    turn as this enemy starts with the magic Mini Breath. In my case, I replaced
    Litany’s heavy ring with an acceleration ring. You will want to keep magic
    effects nullified or reflected for the entire battle as Mini Breath does
    extremely high damage to the entire party (around 10’000 each). Aside from
    that, this boss’s main danger is its many attacks that cause status
    afflictions. In the case of sleep and paralysis, I’d advise curing it
    immediately so you do not risk your nullification buff going away right when
    you need it. Watch out for Terra Voice that can deal about 4000-6000 damage
    to all characters and can paralyze you. Overall, this is another relatively
    easy battle as long as you tackle it the proper way.

    Boss Battle: Temptress Violet ; Recommended Level: 77
    This monster generally begins the fight with Ultra Vacuum. This skill absorbs
    some of your BP (around 90-130 is what I saw). Your first priority (after
    debuffing the enemy’s speed) is to get magic nullification and magic reflection
    up. Aside from that, this battle is very easy as it does not possess any
    dangerous physical attacks. (Note: This boss is also rather fast, so it is
    recommended you keep it slowed throughout the fight.)

    Boss Battle: Ancient Dragon ; Recommended Level: 79
    Unlike the previous bosses, this one is actually very difficult. Like all
    dragons, this one gets two attacks every time its turn comes around. In
    addition, it is really fast and has some powerful attacks. The dragon will
    always start the battle with Grow Up increasing all of its stats by two ranks.
    The other skills that the dragon have include Double Slash which deals high
    damage (generally 4000-6000 damage) to two random characters (possibly the
    same), Grind which can cause fatigue but cannot kill you, and Roar which
    can paralyze or confuse your entire party. It can also cast the magic Heat
    Breath, which is in most cases an instant party kill if you do not have
    the proper safeguards in place.

    Start the battle by having Noelle use Mysterious Dance. As mentioned above, the
    dragon will use Grow Up and then one of his skills (or a normal attack). Once
    it rolls around to your turn again, have Litany use Petal Strike (for the
    attack down effect), Izayoi and Noelle use Guard Down (to negate the speed
    buff), and Ratona use Attack Down (again for the attack down effect). From here,
    a lot depends on how the battle flows. You will want to get magic nullification
    up on at least two characters; however, commiting to more characters is
    generally not worth it. Nullify all is an alternative if you have the proper
    unisons setup. Heat Breath is used very infrequently, so it tends to be worth
    taking your chances with it. If a character dies (which tends to happen quite
    often), you will generally want to revive the character, but you should
    analyze the battle situation. If you have a lot of low health characters and
    only one turn before the dragon attacks again, it likely is not wise to revive
    your fallen character at that time. Roar can also really cripple your party
    especially if you were unlikely like me and had the entire party paralyzed
    or confused. Try to cure paralysis as soon as possible, although sometimes it
    is worth waiting for Ratona’s turn to use Heaven Help Us and cure the entire
    party. That said, you will want to keep your health near its maximum value
    as often as possible due to the dragon’s speed. Ratona’s Taste This skill
    is very effective in restoring the party’s health. Lastly, while it is
    difficult since it fades twice as fast as normal (since it gets two attacks per
    turn), you will want to try to keep its speed one rank down as it is rather
    fast otherwise.

    An alternative strategy might be to purposely try to induce rage on the dragon.
    You can do this using indignators; however, this is not guaranteed to work.
    Noelle’s weapon (if you have been following my guide thoroughly) can also
    inflict rage if you are lucky. Rage is good because it will decay into the idle
    status effect. This will render the dragon lazy on its second turn making it
    perform half as many attacks. If you are still having much trouble with the
    fight, always remember that you can try it when you are a few levels stronger.

    Despair Marsh Continued: Levels 79-83
    The enemies here are pretty much as the same from earlier, so they aren’t
    difficult at all. In one of the chests, you will find a Horizontal Rod+42 with
    Critical Up on it. Use it to upgrade Ratona’s Exploder Rod (that also has
    Critical Up on it). (Note that I used my heavy ring to bypass the arrow tiles
    and fight Alex first, then I went back around. Treasure and enemies in that
    area are covered in the following section, not this one.)

    Boss Battle: Conjurer, Alex ; Recommended Level: 82
    Before starting this battle, give Litany and Noelle acceleration rings. Make
    sure to setup the Nullify All unison beforehand. On your first turn, you should
    use Nullify All. (Alternatively, you can give the acceleration rings to Ratona
    and Noelle. In that case, you should use Nullify on Ratona and have Ratona use
    Let Me Protect You.) This is very important as Alex starts the battle with
    Shining Tempest which can easily kill your party. Most of Alex’s attacks are
    magic that possess charge times. Thus, it is very important you keep your
    magic nullification and magic reflection buffs active. Alex does possess a few
    skills. His Illusion Blow skill targets a column and will make them face the
    rear. This can be dangerous if your buff runs out on your next turn preventing
    you from easily reapplying it. Legendary Strike can deal very high damage
    (over 10’000) if Alex is not debuffed, so watch out. Other attacks tend to
    deal around 6000 or so damage. Overall, this battle is not very hard compared
    to some more recent fights (such as the Ancient Dragon and the Freya fight).

    Despair Marsh Continued Again: Levels 82-90
    Some of the more difficult enemies are making an appearance, but most are still
    pretty easy. Do watch out for magic attacks; quite a few monsters have them,
    and they can deal high damage. The Sweet Kybele are annoying due to their high
    health and ability to use Squeeze for massive damage. When Litany maxes out
    her void magic rank, replace her ring with a light ring.

    In one of the chests, you will find an attribute ring ɑ. Replace Noelle’s
    shadow ring with it. You will also find a Chucky+90 with HP Regen and Critical
    Up on it. Replace Noelle’s weapon with this one and upgrade it using your two
    existing bronze dolls (the one with Critical Up and the one with HP Regen).
    Another chest has a Black Demon+86 with HP Regen in it. Use it as Litany’s
    primary weapon and transfer over the Critical Up from Litany’s old weapon.
    You can also consider transfering that over to the Masamune you got from the
    boss fight earlier. There’s also a Deviless Dress in another chest. Give that
    to Noelle.

    Boss Battle: Nemesis ; Recommended Level: 87
    Before starting this battle, you should give everyone release rings. If you do
    not have enough release rings, give attribute rings to Ratona and Noelle. You
    gain no experience or elemental ranks from these battles, so you aren’t
    missing out. Give Noelle an acceleration ring and Ratona a wholesome ring.
    It doesn’t really matter what you give the other two characters.

    This battle is surprisingly really easy. Nemesis will use Get Out Of My Sight
    on her first turn causing countdown on all characters except Izayoi. Aside
    from this, she seems to use exclusively magic and normal attacks. Cast Nullify
    on Izayoi, but for the rest, just have them use their strongest skills (most
    likely Taste This, Petal Strike, and Me Wants That if you’ve been thoroughly
    following my guide). When they die from Nemesis’s magic or from countdown, do
    not bother reviving them. You don’t get experience from this battle, and it
    will simply slow you down. Izayoi should be perfectly fine by himself as normal
    attacks only do about 3000 damage, and Nemesis is not that fast especially
    since Izayoi can get speed two ranks up from using Intermittent Slash. Once the
    battle is over, your HP, MP, and BP will be fully restored for the party, so
    once again, reviving Ratona, Litany, and Noelle is a complete waste of time.

    Final Boss Battle: Meta-Nemesis, Lycoris A, & Lycoris B ; Recommended Level: 87
    Note that Nemesis can attack twice each turn; however, this is somewhat negated
    by the fact that she tends to use magic with charge times. Nemesis will start
    the battle using the skill No Unisons For You which isn’t really relevant
    because the only important unison is Nullify All, and you only need that one
    once per battle at most. Nemesis primarily uses magic, but she occasionally
    uses the No Unison Skill and Squeeze. Squeeze is especially dangerous due to
    regularly dealing 8000+ damage. The Lycoris A and Lycoris B have some powerful
    physical skills and are honestly more dangerous than Meta-Nemesis herself.

    Have Noelle use Mysterious Dance at the beginning. This will allow all your
    characters to attack before Nemesis does. On your next turn, have Izayoi
    and Litany attack using skills. Noelle should cast Nullify on Ratona, and
    Ratona should use Let Me Protect You. From here, focus on taking out the
    Lycoris A and Lycoris B as they are the true danger in this fight. Once they
    are gone, all you have to do is keep everyone at max health (not too hard
    since Nemesis likes to use magic 70% of the time) and keep magic nullified
    or reflected. To make things even easier, try to inflict rage onto
    Meta-Nemesis. The rage will decay into idle in a very short period of time
    reducing Meta-Nemesis to one attack per turn. (You can use Indignators to
    accomplish this, but it will take a couple of tries. If you have been
    following my guide, Noelle’s weapon can accomplish the same effect.)

    Mount Ramah Fount: Levels 87-92
    The monsters here are really easy and have exceptionally low defense. Just
    use the same strategy and tactics that you have been using, and you should be
    perfectly fine. One of the chests has a Magical T-Shirt. Give it to Izayoi.

    Boss Battle: Magic Stat Ooze ; Recommended Level: 89
    The slime starts the battle with Mirage Shield reflecting magical damage. This
    is not very relevant since offensive magic is pretty useless in this game
    anyway. The slime’s physical skills deal around 3000-4000 damage per strike
    when the slime’s physical attack is one rank down, so overall, they are pretty
    weak. The slime also possesses a powerful magic attack called Dragon’s Breath
    that deals high damage to the entire party. Finally, the slime can drain all
    your MP, which can be potentially problematic if you need to cast Nullify

    Let Noelle use Mysterious Dance at the start of the battle for the speed
    debuff, then focus on getting magic reflection and nullification up. If you use
    Ratona’s Let Me Protect You skill, you can just have Litany go ahead and attack
    with Petal Strike for the attack debuff. Aside from that, this battle is pretty
    easy. Be sure to keep your magic reflection and magic nullification up, and you
    will be pretty much set. You don’t have to maintain the speed debuff (as the
    slime is not super fast), but it can help. Using Ratona’s Let Me Protect You
    is preferable to using Nullify here due to the slime’s ability to steal all
    your MP. This slime has rather high health, but the battle is very doable.

    Optional Boss Battle: Destroyer ; Recommended Level: 100
    If you open the treasure chest next to the magic fount, you will face a boss
    battle. At the end of the battle, you’ll get a piece of armor better than your
    current crystal armor. Actually, I would recommend skipping this battle as
    this boss is insanely difficult for some reason. (I ended up deciding to skip
    it, so the recommended level is based off what happened when I tried it and

    Here is some information about the boss’s attacks. You will have to forge your
    own strategy as like I said, I skipped this boss. The boss always gets two
    attacks per turn (unless you manage to inflict the idle status against it.)
    On the first turn, it will use Mirage Shield which reflects magic damage and
    then some kind of attack. It can also use Mirage Body which reflects physical
    attack damage. Its skills include Final Slash which dealt 8000-10000
    damage to a column of characters and inflicts fatigue and Shining Slash which
    deals approximately 6000 damage to all characters. It may have other skills,
    but I didn’t survive long enough to see them. It can also cast magic such as
    Shadow Sphere (which deals damage to the entire party), so you will also need
    to maintain magic reflection and magic nullification for your party. In
    addition to its strong attacks, its rather fast as well; I’d estimate its
    speed was around 1.5x as much as my party’s fastest character.

    Forgotten Village
    Before heading off to the Iceberg Ruins Fount, consider stopping by the
    Forgotten Village. (Note: If you want the remainder of the game to remain
    challenging, you might want to consider skipping this step.) Go to the bottom
    floor of the right side of the Forgotten Village and open the three
    uppermost doors to get Litany’s Maidservant Katana. This is an incredibly
    powerful weapon. Use a delete fossil on the maid weapon then transfer over the
    effects from your Black Demon onto this weapon. You can also go ahead and get
    Noelle’s Maid Moomie by opening the bottom door and then the leftmost door.
    If you are willing to buy the remaining pearls from the AMP shop, you can
    get the remaining maid weapons. For my purposes, I only used Litany’s maid
    weapon and ignored the rest, but its up to you. (Keep in mind that my
    recommended levels are based off of having this maid weapon.)

    Iceberg Ruins Fount: Levels 90-95
    Use a flight feather to Dauphin Village and then walk the rest of the way.
    While you are here, use a heavy ring to get some of the treasures you may have
    missed earlier when you didn’t have one before on the route to Iceberg Ruins.
    The enemies inside the ruins have a rather high defense value and moderately
    strong attacks, but they are still pretty manageable.

    Boss Battle: Horde Moomie (x4) ; Recommended Level: 91
    Before starting the battle, make sure Ratona has a wholesome ring and Noelle
    has an acceleration ring. Equipping wholesome rings on other party members
    is recommended but not required. Individually, these moomies are not too bad,
    but since there are four of them, you can take a lot of damage between turns.
    Most of the moomies’ skills are not too bad and deal between 3000-6000 damage,
    but watch out for Delta Ender that can instantly swoon a character. Abnormal
    statuses are also somewhat common in this battle. The moomies can also use the
    magic Soft Jiggle to restore about half of its health. Each moomie has about
    300’000 health, and if you have Litany’s maid weapon, her Petal Strike will
    deal around 75’000 to 125’000 damage. Without Litany’s maid weapon, the battle
    simply takes longer, but it isn’t that much more difficult.

    Begin the battle with Noelle’s Mysterious Dance for the speed debuff. Then
    focus on taking out the moomies one by one. Generally speaking, you can wait
    until Ratona’s turn to cure sleep with Heaven Help Us. The moomies do not use
    magic, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Try to keep the speed debuff
    active on the moomies, and revive characters that are swooned by Delta Ender.
    You can use Ratona’s Heaven Help Us or Noelle’s Cheering Dance to restore BP.
    If the moomies use Yelling Voice, you can consider taking the time to debuff
    them, but this is not strictly necessary; it will only make the battle take
    longer. The battle will take awhile since there are four of them, but it should
    be very doable.

    Optional Boss Battle: Destroyer ; Recommended Level: 100
    This is the same boss from the last magical fount. Once again, if you open the
    chest, you’ll get a piece of armor, but you also have to fight this monster.
    Like last time, I skipped this battle. For reference as to how ridiculous
    this boss is, even with the maid weapon, Petal Strike only did about 35’000
    damage against this boss! That accounted for only about a tenth of the enemy’s
    health bar.

    Seirios Grove Fount: Levels 92-97
    The monsters here are not too bad. Admittedly, I have set the encounter rate
    to Half at this point, so I only ran into two encounters. Just use the same
    tactics you have been using, and you should be fine. Noelle maxed out all her
    magic skill ranks at this point, so I replaced her attribute ring with a
    release ring.

    Boss Battle: Canis Cat ; Recommended Level: 91
    This foe is rather fast, and it can also cast magic. It also has rather high
    health and defense. Its skills are not too bad as long as you keep its speed
    under control. Start the battle by using Mysterious Dance or Guard Down then
    focus on getting magic nullification and magic reflection up on your first
    turn. It is very important that you do that, as the battle becomes quite a bit
    harder with dead characters. Be sure to keep up the speed debuff as the enemy
    is very fast. Aside from that, just use your powerful skills; the battle is
    very smooth sailing once you are properly prepared.

    After this battle, Izayoi maxed out his light magic rank, so I replaced it
    with a wholesome ring. Also, at level 95, the characters learn some new skills.

    Optional Boss Battle: Destroyer ; Recommended Level: 105
    This is still the same battle as the previous two times. I’ve only upped the
    recommended level because I am still getting killed fairly easily at level
    95. Once more, I skipped this fight as its not worth the effort.

    Liun Ruins Fount: Levels 95-100
    Some of the monsters here can do really high damage (>7000) with their skills,
    so be careful. If you have Litany’s maid weapon and use her new Cataclysmic
    Strike skill, you can generally wipe out all the enemies with ease. The other
    skills you got from being level 95 are decent, but they are probably not worth
    training this late in the game unless you plan on doing optional content like
    the special Mount Ramah area.

    Boss Battle: Ink Kraken, Marinator, & Golden Prawn ; Recommended Level: 96
    Before beginning this battle, give Izayoi and Ratona wholesome rings. You will
    also want to give Noelle an acceleration ring. By themselves, each individual
    enemy is not too bad, but together, they can be pretty tough. Do not be afraid
    to use items in this battle including some of the more expensive ones; I used
    a maid tincture in this battle. The deadliest foe you face here is the
    Marinator because it has the powerful skills Shockwave and Full-Round Slap.
    The former targets two different characters while the latter targets the same
    character, and each individual attack deals around 5000+ damage. The Golden
    Prawn also has some strong skills such as Bubble Bubble that targets two
    characters and has a high chance of inflicting virus. The Golden Prawn can
    also use the skill Transform to strengthen it against physical or magical
    attacks, so pay attention to the top of your screen. The Kraken is for the
    most part rather easy to handle, but it can use the magic Ice Shot making
    magic nullification and magic reflection required.

    Start the battle by having Noelle use Mysterious Dance for the speed debuff.
    Then have Litany use Petal Strike against either the Golden Prawn or Marinator.
    The rest of your party should use their turn to get magic nullification or
    magic reflection active. From this point, a lot is dictated by the flow of the
    battle. These monsters deal pretty high damage in concert, so you are advised
    to use group healing items rather than single target healing items. If a
    character is killed, try to revive them as soon as possible. You will want
    to keep the speed debuff active to keep the battle manageable. Finally, try
    to focus on taking out either the Marinator or the Golden Prawn out first.
    Then try to take the remaining one out. Leave the Kraken for last as it is no
    real threat.

    Optional Boss Battle: Destroyer ; Recommended Level: 105
    This is still the same battle as the previous three times. I had a bit more
    luck this time, but it is still pretty difficult, so I am skipping it.

    Murk Abyss: Levels 97+
    The enemies here have fairly high health, but overall, their strength is not
    too bad. Watch out for the flowers that can use Squeeze. I would encourage you
    to use Mysterious Dance twice in each battle and focus on using multi-target
    skills to dispatch enemies quickly.

    Now would be a good time to use up your seeds if you have not done so already.
    I divided the ability seeds evenly amongst my party. For the speed seeds, I
    gave about 10 each to Litany and Noelle and 5 to Izayoi and Ratona. About half
    of the HP seeds went to Izayoi and the other half to Noelle. The STR seeds were
    divided between Izayoi and Litany. I also gave three of them to Noelle. The
    other seeds I did not allocate to any character.

    Final Boss Battle: Nemesis Menace Et Al ; Recommended Level: 98
    Before starting the final battle, give everyone a release ring. If you do not
    have enough rings, you can give Ratona an attribute ring instead since her
    weapon automatically restores MP. Give Noelle an acceleration ring and give
    everyone else wholesome rings. Now, the one crucial thing to understand about
    this battle is that you are not supposed to kill Nemesis. Doing so will cause
    an instant game over. Nemesis and the Ophidiuses have a wide variety of
    powerful attacks and abnormal statuses making the battle very difficult. Skills
    include Losing It, causing the party to face the rear; Countdown, which swoons
    a character after a few turns; Hyper Inferno, which reduces a character’s HP
    and MP to 1; Grow Up, which increases all parameters by two ranks; Ultra
    Vaccuum, which steals BP from the party; Ultra Magic Drain, which steals MP
    from the party; Squeeze, which deals high damage (8000+) to a single character
    and restores HP; and Death Roulette, which instantly swoons a random character.
    The enemies can also cast magic including Chaos Break and Cyclone, both which
    deals high damage to the entire party.

    This battle is very tough to do at the level I recommended, but it is certainly
    doable. Having the maid weapons especially for Litany will help a lot, but the
    battle will still take a long time as the Ophidiuses possess very high health.
    Start the battle by having Noelle use Mysterious Dance; as always, this
    provides a nice speed debuff, which is always helpful when there are many
    enemies. On your next turn, have your party cast Nullify on themselves to
    negate magic. You can try to use magic reflection, but it is high maintenace
    and might not be worth it. Using the Nullify All unison might work very well.
    From here, your primary priority is to try to take out Ophidius A as soon as
    possible. As long as all four ophidiuses are present, you will have a very
    hard time staying alive. Do not be afraid to use Revive Matter, Alto Heal
    Pudding, Maid’s Brew, and Maid’s Tincture to ensure your survival. At the same
    time, you will want to maintain your magic nullification buff and the enemies’
    speed debuff. (Use Mysterious Dance to maintain the speed debuff.) Your
    characters will also die a lot due to the various instant-kill skills the
    enemies possess. Generally speaking, you will want to revive characters
    quickly, but sometimes, it is worth waiting, especially if an enemy is about
    to cast magic. (Pretty much all of the magic in this battle have a casting

    Once you kill the Opidius A, it will emit a poison field. This causes you to
    gain the poison abnormal status every turn. This is not a problem as poison
    tends to do about 700-1000 damage per turn, and you should be healing 3000+
    health per turn from your weapon anyway (if you have been following this guide
    closely). With one of the enemies down, the battle suddenly goes from being
    almost unmanageable to very doable. From this point forward, you will want
    to spread out your damage to the various Ophidiuses. The skills you should be
    using are Petal Strike, Taste This, Me Wants That, and Intermittent Slash.
    Remember to keep your magic nullification buff active. From this point onward,
    it is mostly a battle of wearing down your enemies’ health; as long as you
    remain attentive and cautious, the battle is basically won if you get to this
    point. The one thing you absolutely do NOT want to do here is kill Ophidius B.
    This will cause it to release a virus field, which like the poison field will
    cause you to gain the virus status every turn. Virus is very dangerous, and I
    lost the second time I tried the battle because of it. (I was like one or two
    attacks away from winning too. 🙁 ) My advice is again to spread out your
    damage and try to kill the remaining three with as little gap as possible. Once
    you get them to sufficiently low enough health, you should kill them in the
    order of C then D then B. C releases an idle field which you can more or less
    ignore. D will release a fatigue field, which can be annoying (since you need
    MP to cast Nullify), but if you wait long enough to kill the Ophidius, it
    should not be a problem.

    Last note: since your characters have a habit of dying a lot, you tend to need
    to restore BP. Ratona’s Heaven Help Us is very useful in restoring BP as it
    always has been, but Noelle’s Cheering Dance is also very effective and
    sometimes better to use since it restores more BP.

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