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    1. Maid Brand (Maid weapon): “HP & MP restored at start of the battle. All Parameters 2 rank up.”
    I think is a good weapon for short battles. 900 atk but more damage with the maid bonus 2 rank up.

    2. Dainsleif (Chaos Dragon weapon): Damage dealt x2 when 4 effects attached.
    Best choice for me, basically for hard endless battles. 500 atk, but with the bonus damage 1000 atk… and you can rank up.

    What do you think? Chaos over Maid?


    While Dainsleif is good, it can never beat a fully ranked up Maid Brand ( +999 as well ).


    Mystery solved.

    “Rank up” buffs only last 5 or 6 turns.

    Dainsleif “damage x2” buff last forever πŸ˜€


    What are Maid Weapons? I haven’t unlocked them yet.

    Ω©( ᐛ )و


    What are Maid Weapons? I haven’t unlocked them yet.

    They’re the “ultimate” weapons you unlock close to postgame.

    You can trade eg. “Tray Jewel” (or was it Tray Gem?) on the Maid… Guild? Island? Sanctuary? Tower?


    (TL;DR They are the typical Infinity +1 Sword)

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