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    This thread will be to list info about the 6 sages that make alpha rank rings. So far I’ve found 3:

    1. Torzel Castle sage (She is in the room next to the king’s private room, not the throne room.) will make a Timepiece Ring with 1 Counter Ring and 3 Spirit Stones.
    2. Creshalo Town sage (She is in the basement area.) will make a X-SP Ring with 1 SP Ring and 10 Spirit Stones.
    3.  Adiva City sage (She is beside the building with the entrance to Adiva Passage.) will make a Magic Ring with a Thief Ring and 8 Spirit Stones.
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    Forgotten town basement – will make a charm ring with a magic ring and 3 spirit stones.

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    There are 2 sages in Torzel city. one in town in a house and one in the castle.

    There is one sage in Cresheno in the basement, the first one i noticed

    There is one sage in Adiva City near the Adiva Passage entrance

    There is one Sage in Forgotten town (need a boat and good level to reach that town)

    I was wondering if the last sage is located in akane village on which i can’t access despite receiveing the good news from Rowen in post game.


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    Found the last one:

    Nondia Dock North, inside the building.

    Dark Ring + 5 Spirit Stones = Shinobi Ring

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