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    This thread can be for subquest information. So far, I’ve found 7:

    1. “I Didn’t Do It” – Taranp Town – Client: Guy – Reward: STR Bean x3
    2. “Letter” – Adiva City – Client: Old Woman – Reward: Guard Tablet
    3. “Joy in Life” – Guild – Client: Ned – Reward: Speed Tablet x3
    4. “A Mother’s Worry” – Torzel City – Reward: Mighty Salt
    5. “Home Improvement” – Helion Town – Reward: Flash Shockstone
    6. “I Want Some Zircon” – Creshalo Town (roof) – Reward: Lodestone (Note: The Zircon can be found in a treasure chest in Lightoria Tower.)
    7. “Save My Little Brother” – Creshalo Town (roof) – Reward: Charge Jelly
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    All these quests can be found after beginning postgame

    Quest 8 : Guy in the guild, he wants you to deliver some package

    Quest 9 : Lightoria Soldier in Helion Town : you must find the children lost in the town (they are in the secret passage of one of the building

    Quest 10 : Fur Hunters, Guy again in Creshalo Town. he wants a Fluffy Pelt (by the time you unlock this quest, you should have it already otherwise kill squirrels)

    Quest 11 : Man in Helion Town (in the street), he wants 5 starch (easy) 5 shark fang (i only found tooth so far) and 5 dragon spine (I got one from the spirit hollow dungeon i think but it is rare overall)

    Quest 12 : Man in Creshano Town : he wants 4 jewels, Tourmaline and Tsvavorite can be found in spirit dungeon, other are avalaible in tower dungeon if i remember correctly

    Quest 13 : Zandark soldier in Adiva : retrieve a sword for the soldier (in the building in Adiva city with stairs on the roof)

    Quest 14 : man (entrance), Creshano town, liberate Zandark Tower from a monster (this one was available after i completed quest 15)

    Quest 15 : Rowen in Helion town, beat some berserk Nondian in Creshano town.

    i’m struggling on quest 11 for the dragon spine and shark fang (not sure if the tooth is ok).

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    I can’t seem to get Guy’s subquest but I did Quests 2 to 4. Is there a deadline for subquests?


    I can’t seem to get Guy’s subquest but I did Quests 2 to 4. Is there a deadline for subquests?

    Some subquests cannot be done during certain parts of the main story (same for guild tasks). I also finished subquests 2~4 before subquest 1 showing up o.o


    I already solved no 11

    There are 1 recor maid in below guild

    If u attack themaid 1m damage

    I have using 2 guilty armor ,can be bought only 100 gc



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    Oh yeah i get one set for the quest only




    The Sharp Tooth and Dragon Spine  need for sub-quest 11 can be found in the Spirit Cave just south of Torzel city.

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