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    Pretty much finished with everything I can find to do in the game, except the battle arena that I’m working on now.. and one of the endings choices (but I’m thinking to get it you have to have very low trust levels, possibly 0, and with trust adjusters IAP only I’m not gonna try.) The only thing, possibly 2, I’m not sure yet is I haven’t been able to get the spirits above level 50. And there are “mix magic” for levels above 50 so I know it has to be possible. Wondering if anyone has figured that out.

    Also getting into akane’s village – you can’t return there after you first go, there’s a side quest (not sub) where a character says you can go back, but it still doesn’t let you.

    Overall decent game, wasn’t expecting much since it was a remake of an old game, but it was alright for me.

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    Did you get the delimiter rings from the guild exchange? They allow magic to be learned up to level 99. I can’t remember exactly when they become available, but I think it was after one of the later cups – Gold or Maid – is cleared. When you equip them, make sure the character also has the same element spirit equipped. Otherwise they have no effect.

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    Ah ok. No I haven’t done any of the regular arena. Thanks, guess I’ll run through it lol.


    Edit: they are available after the silver cup btw

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    Can you fight the boss in the Spirit Mausoleum? I’m reaching the final chest at the top of it, but the game doesn’t allow me to get close to that chest.


    It and the other spirit areas (5 of them) are all part of jobs, as you accept them you can finish the area.


    to obtain the spirit + you need to go back to the deity in nul ruin. i think the event is post game only. the deity will sacrifice (again) herself to allow the spirit full potential.

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