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    Trust event :

    (end of game probably or after king is back to his right mind) go see the king with Celes, Vyse will defend her and rise the trust level

    (end of game probably or after Nisha joins the team) go with Nisha in Adiva castle and talk to the king, Nisha trust level will rise

    Nisha and the teddy bear : you can obtain a rise of trust after you learn Nisha loves teddy bear. finish the fur hunter quest, go to creshano and Vyse will ask the team to wait for him. he will bring back a plush to Nisha

    Akane trust level : speak to Rowen when the guildmaster told you to do so (post game). he will state that Akane’s friend obtain the permission to go back to her village. exit of the building. Akane will ask to speak again to Rowen about Cabala. do it. after you exit, Akane will discuss with Vyse and the trust will rise.

    Akane Village : i obtain the good news from Rohen, yet i can’t enter it (near Nul Ruins) unless it is located somewhere else.

    there are probably other event.

    Spirit + : post game i guess, go back to Nul Ruins and speak to the deity. she will unlock the fairy full potential.

    Android is unique

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    When Celes join the team, go to the chapel

    When Akane asks you to stop by an inn, stop by the inn. Even if you don’t need – it is a trust event


    These are two ones out of the top of my mind which I remember and which are missable

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    Complete subquest 9 and Celes trust level will arise.

    P.S:about Akane’s village Akane said she will live there after things get over.


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