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    There are some content i noticed that the remake missed out or change to fit the concept of EXE’s new recent playstyle of their RPG’s. (i forgot the right term for it)

    I’m still early game, so just some little differences i noticed yet but.. anyway let’s start in gameplay:

    • Playable Axel until you reach the king. (He’s your savior against the king, he can deal 250-300 damage per crossbow skill if you buy a 6k crossbow in the weapon shop.)
    • Characters two-weapon system. Sword-Katana/kunai, Rod-Staff. (vice-versa)
    • No trust meters. So basically good luck in choices in the character’s moments. (Note: Not Trust Charge) (Suggest Yandex Translator for choosing choices only)
    • Records of Items, Weapons, Armor, Rings, etc.
    • You can’t synthesize rings (by yourself). (You need to go to the weapon shop to synthesize it.)
    • No synthesis system of weapons.
    • Some different and cut choices to pick.
    • Unlocking weapon skills are not based on your levels, instead is skill leveling. (The more frequently you use a skill, the more the weapon levels up.
    • Can’t confirm yet but SaGa has Special Magic too already.

    Events from Nondia Village and Lightoria Castle:

    • After you pick dawn in choices, Lightoria Soldiers abducted you (Vyse) and Axel.
    • You released some abducted Nondians and find your old sword in the basement then confront 2 soldiers on the way.
    • Another battle happened after you back in the main deck of the ship. 3 soldiers confrontation.
    • You (Vyse) and Axel jumped out of the ship and drifted/washed away in the Lightoria continent.
    • Unlike Remake where Akane only meet Vyse in the shore, Axel was with him in the Original. Some dialogues are different.
    • Different dialogues and Axel explain some gameplay mechanics like the healing tile.
    • Vyse and Axel beat up two soldiers then get their armor. Disguise and enter the castle.
    • Rest is same as Remake but little differences during Celes scene.
    • You (Vyse),Β  Axel and Akane fight Celes and King. (Gameplay Note no. 1)
    • Axel after get possessed fall in right window than left.

    Arriving at Zandark Continent and Castle.

    • The situation is same when you arrive at the first town at Zandark Continent.
    • Differences start when you arrive Adiva city. You met the king without the hastle of going to the Adiva secret passage. The soldier you met to know the passage didn’t appear too. And soldiers in the gate bring you to the king.

    Guild, Nondia Village and Null Ruins

    • Still the same as the Remake
    • Curies is only part of recent EXE-CREATE games and remakes.
    • Legendary Weapons and Armors was not present in the places where you can find them like in Adiva Castle. They will be only available or show if you accept the mission in the guild about it.
    • Still the same event what happened from Guild to Nondia Village.
    • Fighting Axel is hard.

    That’s all. For now.


    • As far as I know, Vyse doesn’t have a spirit unlike in the Remake. (Maybe because since he has a manifestation of Thanatus inside him, just theory. for now.)
    • Characters only has 1 Trust Gauge Skills than 4,


    I will try go to Zandark continent later. And see what happened if you instead meet Nisha and save her.

    Happy Weekdays/End, everyone. Have a great day.

    And thanks @jesusalva for the tips you gave to me.


    I know some of you already know about this but anyway




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    There’s also a special feature for Akane, it’s like stealing but more like taunting.

    But since it’s in kanji or katakana, i don’t know what it is called.


    There is one thing that still bothers me when playing the original.

    The Two-Weapon System. And not only that, the part that the possibility of special magics was not present in this version since if I recall, in Asdivine, it all started in Hearts.

    I don’t know about Cross since there’s no news or possibility info from the original Cross released around 2010. Before it got a standalone remake in 2015.



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