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    For those who would like to have some numbers to aim for, here are the stats I had to beat the very last boss (I am talking the 16th boss in the boss list). He has 100,000 HP and with the stats found in the pics below, he was very easy for me. Overall, to beat the game basically 100% (or close to it) will be 8 hours, give or take, for most people I would think.

    The 5th picture is how many turns it took to beat him on normal. The 6th is how many turns it took to beat on hard…Not much of a difference (120,000 HP on hard but he felt the same otherwise)! Easy game.


    Nice stats–a bit more than I have as of now, but I’m stuck so maybe you can tell me: how to get past the alarm beam in the depths of the command center? I’ve backtracked a bit, but didn’t pick up anything. I’m guessing I need item #38.

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    There should be another path leading to a small thing on the floor you step on to disarm it.


    I’ve been wondering about the new stat growth system for levelling up (this game has no levels. I know that) but can we adjust the stat growth pattern for each party member ie if I want one of them to be a physical attacker or magic user I can adjust the stat growth for which stats I want increasing etc???


    If that potential exists, I did not see it, though it would be cool. The closest thing I see are there are tons of stat boosting items throughout the game, just give a specific character a specific item to boost a certain stat. Also, some equipment will raise some stats more than others, so again, there is a little “wiggle” room to boost some stats. I tend to love to focus purely on Defense and speed in games.

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