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    Fresh Dragon Ham (Raw)

    Location: Sheep Town, Three Old Men Restaurant

    What does it do?: 50 VIT+

    Price: 50000 Gold


    Fruit of Longevity

    Location: Mouton Village, Re:Fresh

    What does it do?: 1000 HP+

    Price: 80000 Gold


    Lucidarius Grimoire

    Location: Bull Village, Bookmark of Life

    What does it do?: 50 INT+

    Price: 120000 Gold


    Inauguration Medal

    Location: Pride Village, Dream Home

    What does it do?: 50 STR+

    Price: 160000 Gold


    Legendary Harpoon

    Location: Koku Village, Fresh Club

    What does it do?: 50 SPD+

    Price: 200000 Gold


    Century Rafflesia

    Location: Yukima Hamlet, Stones Speak

    What does it do?: 50 MND+

    Price: 300000 Gold


    Box-Shaped Magical Tool

    Location: Balance Town, Star Guidance

    What does it do?: Preemptive Attack Chance 10%+

    Price: 400000 Gold


    Giant Demon Figurine

    Location: Saison Chevalier Base, Hometown

    What does it do?: 200 MP+

    Price: 500000 Gold


    Golden Cards

    Location: Alcestera Base, Sketchy Shop (They might not have these in stock alot of the time, so keep punching enemies until you see this in the shop)

    What does it do?: Damage inflicted on Enemies 30%+

    Price: 998000 Gold


    Platinum Gym Badge

    Location: Sheep Town, Meteor Gym School Shop

    What does it do?: 3000 HP+, 600 MP+, 200 STR, VIT, INT, MND, SPD+

    Price: 300 Meteor Coins


    Thanks for providing this list. One small addition: Since I frequented the Sketchy Shop a lot, I’m pretty sure that the Golden Cards can only be bought there during the post-game (on a post-game save file).

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