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    I can help anyone with this game to almost the final boss, and know every nook and cranny in this game, so you only have to ask what you should use with what skills.


    PS: Phoenix is easily the best monster and carried me through the game from the point I got it.

    Mycallia helps too, If you can get one before you have the chance to get a guaranteed tune of one, but after that, Mycallia will be your savior, her high healer better than Phoenix’s.

    Bless The Crystals MSG came up with this form

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    Thanks @mpg-annihilator good to see you online!

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    🙂  Hi @mpg-annihilator and thanks 🙂  

    Welcome 😇


    Holy crap,  Someone has actually cracked that game.   That’s insane.   Please help me,  The game has been bothering me since last couple of years

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    @meet89 it could be awhile before MPG is back on the forum (he’s crazy busy with school and band and watching his 4-year-old sister)… but he’s shared his strategy for this game with me… unfortunately I’m bad at remembering the fine details, but… I know he beat most of the game just using Phoenixes. I don’t remember how many times he evolved them, or what skills they had, only that he considered the Phoenix to be the most OP monster you can get until very late in the game, then it becomes Michaela (not sure of spelling?).

    If I get a chance to ask him more in real life, I’ll post it here.

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    Sure,   I will try once again.   I wondered about putting some money into it to get an Alastor but now that I have seen the entire gameplay on youtube,   I am not that inclined to do so.   Anyways  let me see if I can get the Order of the Phoenix to support me or not 🙂

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