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    So I just finished the game, and this is how I did it. I’m not going to go through what monsters gave my guys what, keep in mind Books of Immovability are a thing! Will avoid naming the boss to avoid spoilers, but he is TOUGH!

    Final Boss of the regular game.

    Michaela – Angel Touch, High Healer, Double Pierce. Level 70.

    Panchor – Ego Heal, MagDef Up, Coolboost. Level 70.

    Gorgon – Magic Release, Grumboom, Grumboost Level 80.


    Panchor keeps MagDef up to keep Michaela’s High Healer at a full heal. Gorgon needs to be at that tier just to survive one Final Lamento. Gorgon of course was the damage dealer.


    Final Boss of the postgame:


    Greatman – Blank, High Healer, Justice Punch – Level 80

    Greatman – Mark of Protection, High Healer, Justice Punch – Level 80

    Panchor – Mark of Protection, High Healer, Blank – Level 68/80 (got bored leveling them up and tried the fight a few times until I won, then stopped playing)

    Justice Punch is there because it does a flat 800 damage regardless of defense, making it extremely powerful for this. I never used percentile damage attacks, which maybe I should have.

    All three had the Melody of Moon used to give them a high-tier Defensive personality, so they prioritise using High Healer.

    It took a few tries, especially since the nature of the fight makes it RNG-dependant. I admit this isn’t the best way to do it, but it worked out after a few tries, and that was good enough for me. The guy is a beast!



    I may or may not write a review, but to summarise my thoughts on it: I liked the premise, the execution had some real problems (like having to level your monsters up from scratch every 10 levels, especially when the best grinding area was the depths of Kratos Labyrinth) An inherent flaw in the concept is that since you’re fighting with the monsters you catch, you don’t get the feeling that the characters are fighting together. In practice it’s only your protagonist who is fighting in your party. With one exception, and that’s only postgame… and I never got around to using him. Overall it was a really fun game though, and trying to figure out how to beat the stuff in the postgame was fun! (BLOODY EXPLODING LUNEGAPPAS)

    Also ,  the wiki was a lifesaver. Thank God someone had the patience to gather all the information because I don’t think I’d ever have gotten through without a guide on what monster has what skills and how to make all the different monsters. So a tip of the hat to the fine folks at Band of Monsters wiki.

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    What an interesting post! Sadly, I got frustrated before finishing this game and after a while of having it sleeping at my phone, I finally uninstalled it (unfinished). I got tired of having to grind from scratch every time I mixed new monsters. It seemed to take forever. And I probably used the wrong ones causing me to end up stuck at the fountain stage (where an enemy emerges after the protagonist sacrifices what’s precious to him in the water).



    That fight is a toughie. Remember you can tune boss monsters.

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    i’m trying to enter the last castle but i need to investigate the monsters of that area to be able to do so. fact is that each arena need also to be beaten to obtain cool items. the game is better than the previous hit point pokemon game (seven sacred beasts) but progression is very slow and condition to monster capture on the area you are trying to solve the story. not so many hour (11 so far to the last dungeon) but spending 2 hours every now and then on pokemon capture to be able to progress can be frustrating.

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