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    I am going to re-attempt BOM, and I would like some input from other people on what to use in certain fights. I might also write a walkthrough, including my own strategies, and hopefully some of yours. It would greatly appreciate me if you could write your suggestions down in this format

    • Boss fight (or arena)
    • Monster 1

    What skills

    How to obtain (from scratch)

    • Monster 2

    Same as above

    • Monster 3

    Same as above

    Then give an explanation on why you chose these monsters and how you implemented them into your strategy. I would like this for some key fights in the game mostly


    Koga, anywhere in the north, The battle where you sacrifice Woff, Final Boss, and the entire final dungeon

    If you decide to give me bonus content, congrats! That will only take about 15 hours to get to. Bonus content would be nice, but until I’ve posted I beat the game, and here is my strategy, I would prefer no bonus content (Maybe arenas, but not preferable)

    Light and Darkness, Come forth and be one.
    No matter the battle, without hope, you are done.

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