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    I haven’t played this game in a while, but I managed to do most, if not all, of my self-imposed standard completionist challenges. So ask me whatever you’d like to know and I’ll try to get this game’s forum a little more filled out.
    I remember being very surprised at how easy it was to max out a monster’s stat bonuses, once I finally started caring to try, and wishing I had done it from the start.
    Essentially, mixing six of any monster of the same type will produce bonus stats that are a mix of perfectly good and perfectly bad. Combining two of these monsters of different types will make the bonus stats perfect if you combine all of the perfectly bad stats with a perfectly good one.
    3+3=3 All you have to do is make sure
    0+3=3 that each stat bonus is covered.
    Most of the time, if you get the hang of it, you can combine two or three of one type to get the stat bonuses to mix well with another with mirrored bonuses.

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    Nice. Thanks for contributing. Maybe someone might find help because if it. Good work!

    MSG Commander

    Thanks BlakeFox.

    I’m trying to follow your information but I’m a little confused. What I’m seeing, is to mix 3 monsters with “good” stats, and 3 monsters with “bad,” and then after that, I’m lost…

    Admittedly I’ve only played about an hour or two of this game, so maybe it’s the kind of thing where if I was playing it, it would all make more sense. But can you go into more detail for me?


    All your base are


    Yeah, the more I know about this, the more beneficial it will be. After I’m done with Rusted Emeth, this one is next on my agenda, so knowing how to get a bit of a heads up on the competition right from the beginning never hurts!

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