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    You don’t need anything from the IAP shop to complete the game.  However, the post-game does require some items from the IAP if you wish to succeed.  You will not triumph in the very first post-game battle, against the “Mine Thieves” (story # 286 in the “secret journal”) unless you obtain the Paralysis Res Orb II and the Silence Res Orb II.  These orbs allow you to enhance your armor and block all paralysis and silence attacks.

    “But wait a minute,” you say.  I don’t need those, because I have plenty of Paralysis Res Orb I and Silence Res Orb I from the normal game.  And they are stackable.”

    Ah, yes, the game claims they are stackable, but in fact they are not.  These orbs can only be applied to armor, and a character can only wear one armor at a time.  The game does not permit you to put two of these orbs on the same piece of armor!  Consequently, you cannot double the strength of the type I orb, so you will find yourself slowly succumbing in battle to an onslaught of paralysis and silence.

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    That’s… lame o.o

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    You can change faith to Ngunesis of Misery and use max “Abnormal status resistance” to completely immune from bad status. (same effect, didnt stack) If you dont want to use either one of that you can switch one with I orb.

    This is my endgame build (minus socketed orb)


    You can fill orb slot with anything you like, the only must have is para resist I orb on armor.

    Alchemy max boost potion / revive ( S+L become 50%, M become 95% and revive become 70%) so you didnt need to use healing side job (Sage or Dancer).

    Ninja is best base job and have best AOE Shuriken Storm. The reason is last dungeon enemy + post game boss are neutral to physical while some are strong to element. Tamer have good class bonus and best single target skill Peck. Peck lv5 is 3-5x 100%, lowest roll still higher than any other skill.

    Physical skill can crit ! Weapon base crit + crit passive + luck passive + crit from shoes = you’ll crit very often

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    I never needed orb. You can get full immunity with religion and skill.  They do stack or at least they do on switch current version.


    Was curious if anyone is interested in late post game and farming boss rush. I could give a detailed guide on it from it taking 30 min down to 8 min for full battle.  I should be able to shave 3 more min off once I have max stats.

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