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    1. Magic is much stronger than physical.
    2. Mange the AGI so that you have a fairly predictable turn order.
    3. Formations are important, and you may use different ones during the game depending on your circumstances.
    4. Do the Arena every day. You don’t have to do any particular bout, and you can go out and back in within the same day until you complete 5 bouts.
    5. Classes are crucial!! There is no penalty for repeatedly changing.  You retain the passive skills for every class to which you change.
    6. The “secret journal” monster information is useful.
    7. RETREAT is your friend, particularly when LUC and AGI are high.
    8. If nothing seems to be happening, try advancing the day.
    9. Items (consumables) are important for the last few bosses and the post-game.
    10. Money is scarce, so do everything you can to get more.
    11. STEAL is overrated: until the post game, you can steal only materials (no tomes, orbs, or coins).
    12. Although the manual states that many orbs are “stackable,” in practice they are not.
    13. Build LUC (200+) and EVA (400+) for the post-game, or to help with the last boss in the normal game.  However, you don’t need high values until the post-game.

    Older, but not wiser

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    Magic is much stronger than physical.
    Ninja is still the best basic job compared to Sage.

    Money is scarce, so do everything you can to get more.
    Max Explorer “Bounty Harvest” and put “Gather Orb” (will be 1-5 more mats for GO I and 1-10 more mats for GO II) in everyone acc. With 3x Pickaxe (from IAP) and 500 item bag (from achievement), I can fill the bag in one dungeon run.


    Edit, just beaten post game

    Physical is way better than magic. Bigger skill multiplier, can crit, not resisted from last dungeon/post game enemy.

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    I have put in 70 hours into this game. The version I play on switch Nintendo.

    early game tips: stealing raises monster record percentage. To view this go to Journal and look in secret records and in the monster tab. Stealing once from each monster will get you trophy reward and early income.

    also to help you with early money sell food drops you get. Besides completing quests the food drops aka grapes beeswax and such are not used in crafting and only use is selling at item shop.

    As soon as you have explorer unlocked and gathering orbs available (gatherII is 3 jewels to unlock in store)make set and max skill of gathering on every character.  Use jewel to buy exploration ticket and then use skill with jewelry and then ticket to get max resources.

    At end game I am gathering 900 logs upto 1200 gold ore post game but as early as unlocking above mentioned skill and orb you can gain around 200 items in one go and with upgrade pick axe (first shop upgrade you should get) that number will raise 5x. And remember to unequip skill when facing bosses or challenging fights.

    physical damage can be greater then magic early game on fighter if you raise two handed skill and sword skill and regular atk skill up right away.  Adding first aid on top of those skill and fighter is one of best early game character. But you’ll find yourself continually broke. Magic on other hand hits hard without upgrade but character has little def/hp to survive.

    Late game physical is best damage where I hit for 9999 damage while magic does 500-700 spread damage to each monster.

    also I have 900 evasion which gives me almost 100% dodge adding immunity to all status effects and magic I take no damage from boss rush.

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