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    Can’t apprehend the ex general quest. I can beat him the first time then i am put straight in to a second boss battle against 4 enemies which i die because the game does not revive or heal you between battles, i.e start 2nd fight with 2 characters dead and the rest with half hp and no mp.




    Yeah, MP management is kinda a big thing in this game, in my experience.

    I’d recommend to give all your characters maxed-out MP Recovery skill, and have at least two characters on healing (secondary job slots do the trick).

    My team was the following: two Ninja/Tamers, Monk/Priest, Samurai/Sage, Tamer/Thief.

    Sage has an AOE heal and Revive, while Priest can heal and cure inflicted conditions.

    You’ll want a Thief to steal from bosses, because they usually have a tome or something else interesting.

    Tamer is a nice job because of the Peck skill. Monk’s Obliterate and Samurai’s Quickdraw are more powerful, but Peck is cheap and effective.

    Ninjas have a very good AOE skill Shuriken Storm.

    Don’t rely on attack magic; it’s almost useless during endgame, and you’ll have equipment skills for rare cases when it’s needed (like Holy Burn).

    Oh, and also, critical hits are rather powerful. I have equipped all my team with Foritified Conscience (+20% critical chance) and gave them weapons with added CRT and LUC.


    Shameless way
    Get 100+% knockout defense on all 5 character and you should never lose.

    Dhalsus faith 25%
    Monk passive 35%
    Revival bracelet 25%
    Holy aegis 25%
    War god armor 20%
    Dhalsus spear 20%
    Divine scepter 20%
    Rohgard fist 25%
    Holysword Enif 20%

    Normal way
    You want immunity from paralyze and insta death (ngunesis faith + status resistance passive). Dont be stingy with recovery item, they are dirt cheap.

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