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    As the title says, I’ve been running and running in circles in the desert labyrinth. I keep getting back to the same point, no matter how many different paths I try.

    Does anyone remember that dungeon? Can anyone tell me where to go?

    I went to all the “portals” I’ve found, followed apparently every different possible path and I always end up at the same place downstairs near the entrance. What am I missing?

    I’ve reached above level 30 only out of being lost running in circles 😐 .



    Sorted out!!


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    I ran into this problem just last night. For those who happen to stop by this thread with the same issue, there are several places throughout the dungeon where there is a “false wall” that can be walked through.

    Generally, if you see a teleport circle, those will warp you to a treasure room and then another warp will take you back to an earlier part of the dungeon. If you find yourself only having teleport circles to go through, retrace your steps looking for false walls.

    By false wall I mean – one of those things where the ceiling of the cave hangs over the walkways – usually used to increase the immersion in the dungeon, but here they are harder to spot and look like a real wall.

    Hope that helps!

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    Same happened to me until I spotted the false wall. Very informative answer.


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