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    I’m not sure when this opens, but probably after you conquer the Chinchilla level in the arena.


    Go down the left stairs and repeatedly destroy Jolie Curie (Supposedly).

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    Madame Curie – Speechless Land (Expert Mode)

    Farming infinite Season Stones

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    you can go to automn fastival to grind rapidly. use the pillar attract monster and make serie of 3 battles. you gain 3k by battle for skills and a level practically every time.

    when you are around level 550, you can do the same in speechless land (providing you have unlocked it) and you will go to 4k minimum by battle at the pillar attract monster. overall it took me 6 hours of grind to max all role and reach level 700+. the battle with Maidame Curie was long but not hard.

    the strategy above is nice but it implies you have done already everything else…

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