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    Villain in Glasses
    1. A Taste to Know

    Location : Furyu Village

    Objective : Collect some wild grass near the village

    Reward : Revive Stone S


    1. A Meal for Kyu

    Location : Link Port

    Objective : Collect 2 Dried Fruits from Terror Toads that live near Link Port

    Reward : Guild Coin


    1. A Momento of a Friend

    Location : Primavera City

    Objective : Get the momento back that lost in Lanta Track

    Reward : HP Seed x3


    1. A Challenge Too Swift

    Location : Villa Oasis

    Objective : Defeat 4 Rock Fishes that live in Zomnar Desert

    Reward : Guard Tablet x2, Attack Tablet x2


    1. Oo-Oo, Oo-Oo, Oo-Oo

    Location : Coast Storehouse

    Objective : Collect 3 Oo-Oo Pictures in the Coast Storehouse

    Reward : Golden Ore M x4


    1. The Value of a Jar

    Location : Link Port

    Objective : Collect 3 Pretty Claws from Wint Chinchillas that live around Seater Port

    Reward : Act Cube x2


    1. Huge Monster Research

    Location : Eilnon City

    Objective : Suppress 1 Cold Behemoth in Kebull Snowfield

    Reward : Life Seed x2


    1. Fishing Contest in the Snow

    Location : Seater Port

    Objective : Catch a Wint Goosefish at Seater Port fishing pier

    Reward : Act Breaker x2


    1. World’s Greatest Star

    Location : Primavera City

    Objective : Look for Trick-Mee (NPC) in Twin Hills (Not in Depths)

    Reward : Revive Stone M x2


    1. Secret Monster Extermination

    Location : Old Hut

    Objective : Suppress 7 Wale Butterflies in Emergency Escape Route (entered via Old Hut)

    Reward : Ability Seed x2


    1. A Secret Trade

    Location : Elvust City

    Requirement : Foure must master Cat’s Paw role

    Objective : Learn Cat’s Paw role

    Reward : Flying Dog Crystal


    1. Before The End of The World

    Location : Sautart City

    Objective : Catch 1 fish from 4 different fishing spots

    Note : Don’t forget to fish whenever you found a fishing spot while doing Main Quest

    Reward : Act Crystal


    1. A Second Secret Trade

    Location : Elvust City

    Objective : Collect 5 Fluffy Clods from Leaf Ghost in Ive Hill

    Reward : Royal Pillow Crystal


    1. An Unending Nightmare

    Location : Sautart City

    Requirement : Ark must master Nightmare Diver role (can be obtained from misson task in menu, the one under save menu)

    Objective : Help the doggie

    Reward : Act Destroyer


    1. Wringgling in the Shadows of the End

    Location : Eilnon City

    Objective : Defeat a certain monster (boss type) in Kebull Snowfield

    Reward : Blast Whistle

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    I really love this list, but I am still confused as to how to finish subquest 3. Please give me a little more detail as to what I am looking for at Lanta Track. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!


    I would like more detail about quest 15. I have completed the game once and have reached the point in the story called A maiden’s trial. It’s the last quest I need.


    IIRC, there’s an NPC with the exclamation mark overhead somewhere in the city. Or maybe the castle. I don’t remember anything tricky about it.

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    There is no one in Eilonon City or castle with ! Mark over there head. I have reached the point in the story where I have to kill  final boss in speechless land. Do I have to beat game twice to get side mission 15 to appear.

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