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    Here’s the notes I have on how each role is obtained:

    Ark Obtain
    Evil Hunter starting role
    Flame Keeper treasure – Toslo Gorge (Spark Crystal)
    Fisherman story
    Glow Soldier story (Lightsword Crystal)
    Night Master story
    Dream Guide panel mission (Dreamcloud Flag Crystal)
    Exorcist Knight treasure – Order HQ Underground (Holy Water Sword Crystal)
    Starlightaste treasure – Ive Hill (Starlight Crystal)
    Nightmare Diver story (Darkness Crystal)
    Quin Divider story




    Faithful Hound starting role
    Doctor treasure – Zonmar Desert (Canine Medicine Crystal)
    Cat’s Paw treasure – Wint Quadeity Sanctuary (Catball Crystal)
    Barrel story – get Barrel Crystal from NPC in Elvust City
    Cooking Hound panel mission – Dogfood Crystal
    Rock Guard Dog story
    Heaven Hound panel mission – Angel Dog Crystal
    Flying Dog subquest 11
    Beast King treasure, Tulse Tower of Summer
    Hercules Hound treasure – Gruss, the Beauty Spring (War Deity Dog Crystal) – Plus, raise Heaven Hound, Flying Dog, and Beast King to leve 20 or more.




    Spring Princess starting role
    Coney Princess story (mastery crystal)
    Cupid treasure – Coastal Storehouse (Heart Bow Crystal)
    Concert Star story (mastery crystal)
    Underling Demon treasure – Kebull Snowfield (Magic Bow Crystal)
    Gang Leader panel mission – Longskirt Crystal
    Fallen Angel treasure – Order HQ Undergound (Fallen Angel Crystal)
    Sleeping Beauty subquest 13
    Rock ‘n’ Roller treasure – Sea Path (Guitar Crystal)
    Alter Sibyl story (post game)




    Maid starting role
    Princess Painter treasure -Kites Cave (Princess Picture Crystal)
    Phantom Helper story (Misty Maid Crystal)
    Ice Sculptor treasure – Beno Path (Ice Statue Crystal)
    Hawkseye panel mission (Hawkseye Crystal)
    Undertaker treasure – Emergency Escape Route (Black Shovel Crystal)
    Shadow Figure treasure – Ancient Lands (Shadow Crystal)
    Abyss Battler treasure – Mount Metoron (Black Tray Crystal)
    Frost Sniper treasure – Ive Hill (Ice Gun Crystal)
    Heleg Medusa story?
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    for Evaile, the role Heleg Medusa is obtained in tower of summer dungeon. you open a chest to get the ice serpent crystal. then you need to go to a Spree QS for example to affect it to Evaile.

    Android is unique


    Where in the tower is beast king role for foure.  Do I have to complete the game twice to get alter sibyl role because I have completed it on normal and was not given any new role for eara.

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    The Beast King crystal is actually in the Rifee Shrine right before the boss


    I can’t seem to find Ark’s Nightmare Diver role. I have finished the true ending.



    does anyone know where the 4 fishing spots are?

    Villa, Coccoon, Seater, ????

    whats the last one


    Ive Hill pier

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