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    Here’s the notes I have on how each role is obtained:

    Ark Obtain
    Evil Hunter starting role
    Flame Keeper treasure – Toslo Gorge (Spark Crystal)
    Fisherman story
    Glow Soldier story (Lightsword Crystal)
    Night Master story
    Dream Guide panel mission (Dreamcloud Flag Crystal)
    Exorcist Knight treasure – Order HQ Underground (Holy Water Sword Crystal)
    Starlightaste treasure – Ive Hill (Starlight Crystal)
    Nightmare Diver story (Darkness Crystal)
    Quin Divider story




    Faithful Hound starting role
    Doctor treasure – Zonmar Desert (Canine Medicine Crystal)
    Cat’s Paw treasure – Wint Quadeity Sanctuary (Catball Crystal)
    Barrel story – get Barrel Crystal from NPC in Elvust City
    Cooking Hound panel mission – Dogfood Crystal
    Rock Guard Dog story
    Heaven Hound panel mission – Angel Dog Crystal
    Flying Dog subquest 11
    Beast King treasure, Tulse Tower of SummerΒ  Rifee Shrine
    Hercules Hound treasure – Gruss, the Beauty Spring (War Deity Dog Crystal) – Plus, raise Heaven Hound, Flying Dog, and Beast King to leve 20 or more.




    Spring Princess starting role
    Coney Princess story (mastery crystal)
    Cupid treasure – Coastal Storehouse (Heart Bow Crystal)
    Concert Star story (mastery crystal)
    Underling Demon treasure – Kebull Snowfield (Magic Bow Crystal)
    Gang Leader panel mission – Longskirt Crystal
    Fallen Angel treasure – Order HQ Undergound (Fallen Angel Crystal)
    Sleeping Beauty subquest 13
    Rock ‘n’ Roller treasure – Sea Path (Guitar Crystal)
    Alter Sibyl story (post game)




    Maid starting role
    Princess Painter treasure -Kites Cave (Princess Picture Crystal)
    Phantom Helper story (Misty Maid Crystal)
    Ice Sculptor treasure – Beno Path (Ice Statue Crystal)
    Hawkseye panel mission (Hawkseye Crystal)
    Undertaker treasure – Emergency Escape Route (Black Shovel Crystal)
    Shadow Figure treasure – Ancient Lands (Shadow Crystal)
    Abyss Battler treasure – Mount Metoron (Black Tray Crystal)
    Frost Sniper treasure – Ive Hill (Ice Gun Crystal)
    Heleg Medusa story?
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    for Evaile, the role Heleg Medusa is obtained in tower of summer dungeon. you open a chest to get the ice serpent crystal. then you need to go to a Spree QS for example to affect it to Evaile.

    Android is unique


    Where in the tower is beast king role for foure. Β Do I have to complete the game twice to get alter sibyl role because I have completed it on normal and was not given any new role for eara.


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    The Beast King crystal is actually in the Rifee Shrine right before the boss


    I can’t seem to find Ark’s Nightmare Diver role. I have finished the true ending.



    does anyone know where the 4 fishing spots are?

    Villa, Coccoon, Seater, ????

    whats the last one


    Ive Hill pier

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    Cynnau thanks for that the guide for this needs to be changed the beast king is not in tulseΒ tower of summer it’s in rifee shrine right by the blue orb that changes the enemy encounter rate to none.

    Once you open chest you get Lion-Dog Crystal take that to a role changer and you get Beast King role.



    Sorry. I’ll fix it later. Kind of a pain on the phone.

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    Hello, long time fan, first time commenting. So like others, I am lost on how to get the role for Side Quest 14, Nightmare Diver. Any tips would be appreciated.

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