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    Any suggestion to defeat chincilla cup hard level in expert mode ?

    Daevyd Jae

    Ya got me. I have the same issue. I can only guess your level has to be high enough so their attacks on you don’t hurt much, and you have items or magic on your characters that brings them back after fainting. You hit them until someone faints, then use the item again or use the same skill again on that character so they’re protected. Continue until you win.
    I’m nowhere near that btw. Post if you figure it out.

    Daevyd Jae

    I finally beat it at level 310. I equipped roles which provide healing, spells for users/team, AND most importantly
    – Foure MUST have Barrel so he can summon Kid Barrel.
    – Eara  MUST have Alter Sybil so she can cast “Celestial Gift” which saves from Fainting and gives 25% health.
    – Team has Extermi & Elimi or Summer Deity as Divine Beast. May have Winter Deity but it’s not as effective. Do not use an attack Divine Beast.

    – Team members NEVER attack and NEVER use offensive spells. These will lead to a quick end. Team should ONLY cast Defensive spells.
    – Team can summon Divine Beast
    – Team uses items for Health and Revive. Team uses Cool Downs for Eara and Foure; sometimes for Ark and Evaile, or use an All Cool item if they need to cast defensive spells.
    – Eara casts “Celestial Gift” if a team member is not protected from fainting. Be sure the “cross” includes the team member, otherwise it’s just a waste
    – The best little helper is Foure summoning “Kid Barrel” whenever there is an empty square and he should do it often, replacing them when they fall. They pack quite a punch, and I’ve noticed no other team member attacks when they do. (Please note I may be wrong about this, but I never noticed that much hurt if any)
    – The team can Summon other little helpers but note team members may attack with the helpers and get hurt, so if you can avoid that it’s better off.

    During a team member’s turn, after looking at the options above, if there is nothing else for them to do they ALWAYS do an Act Skip. The ONLY time to use Act Over is to use multiple items or cast defensive spells. Again, don’t use offensive spells.

    The battles will take a while so I recommend changing the battle speed from 1.


    well, i don’t agree with you. indeed level 310+ can be enough to win, i think i was around 400. when you used the divine beast it is bounced back at the character who used it.

    round 1, only normal attack. be sure to have one person who use a revive stone M or an all life bottle LL (which you can win by making lots of pillar attract monster battle in automn festival dungeon). it is a little long but it works.

    round 2, lots of dog here. if you wish to rush things off, use a mercy crystal so everyone can revive after they die. then use act crystal to pump up the act gauge. have one character use group attack to finish them allor just single attack so it bounces back only to the concern character. again it is very long but it works. you can also use normal attack and ensure you don’t die of it by havin powerful armor.

    round 3, throw the divine beast and the monster dies instantaneously.

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