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    I noticed that the in-game help section mentioned that there were advanced and expert roles that required one to level up one or more other roles as a prerequisite.

    I see only one example of such a role on the list that 3beez made, though.  Anyone know anything about this?


    You can tell my the medals in the Roles list what level of role it is. Each character has: 6 Beginner (gold on bronze), 3 Advanced (silver on silver) and 1 Expert (large gold on silver on bronze).


    • Beginner: Evil Hunter, Flame Keeper, Fisherman, Glow Soldier, Night Master, Dream Guide.
    • Advanced: Exorcist Knight, Starlightaste, Nightmare Driver.
    • Expert: Quin Divider.


    • Beginner: Faithful Hound, Doctor, Cat’s Paw, Barrel, Cooking Hound, Rock Guard Dog.
    • Advanced: Heaven Hound, Beast King, Flying Dog.
    • Expert: Hercules Hound.


    • Beginner: Spring Princess, Coney Princess, Cupid, Concert Star, Underling Demon, Gang Leader
    • Advanced: Fallen Angel, Sleeping Beauty, Rock ‘n’ Roller
    • Expert: Alter Sibyl.


    • Beginner: Maid, Princess Painter, Phantom Helper, Ice Sculptor, Hawkseye, Undertaker.
    • Advanced: Shadow Figure, Abyss Battler, Frost Sniper.
    • Expert: Heleg Medusa.
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    I missed Foure’s roles : Hercules Hound. And also last Evaile’s role : Heleg Medusa. How to trigger those locations? After post game I can’t find them.

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    There’s a thread for that:. Roles and How to Obtain

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