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    How are you suppose to beat this stupid enemy.

    my character levels are 952.

    she kills me in 3 hits also I am on easy



    i don’t know if you are talking of the battle in Speechland. if yes, this post is for you, if it is a battle arena, i am not fond of gazillion challenge.

    you need to max out all the roles and be around level 700 to win in easy mode. the battle will be long but not hard. if you are level 952, i hope you grind for all the roles, otherwise, schedule 6 hours of grind minimum in speechless land pillar attract monster to make a lot of triple battle.

    before fighting ensure you have the best gear (the one of speechless land and autumn festival  and wint cav), weapon (obtained in random battles against the pillar) and ring (regular course of the game + crafting). ensure also you have at least 4 mercy crystal (each time the group die by a rebound, it comes back to life), 20 mercy fragment, 20 act cube. all life bottle LL (99 because you maxed out all the roles using the pillar)/XL (20 should be ok),  all cool bottle LL/XL should be good and last 20 to 30 revive stone M.

    now for the battle itself.

    the order is the same :

    act cube to pump up the act over,

    act over of next character must have mercy crystal +  using the most powerful skill of this character (divine beast is the most powerful with Ark expert role btw but with hercule role it works good too)

    act over of next character with the most powerful skill

    act over of next character with the most powerful skill

    then act cube,

    act over with All cool bottle LL/XL, revive stone M, all life bottle LL/XLmercy crystal, mercy fragment according to your need (Curie will most likely kill your entire group every 5 or 6 turn while each turn she tries to kill one member only or summon frog)

    act over of next character with most powerful skill


    rince and repeat until death.

    Android is unique


    My characters are all level 999. I am missing 2 roles one for foure which according to the post here is in summer tower but I have run through the tower over 10 times and can’t find any chest that I have not opened.  The other role is for eara you get story post game but not sure where that is.


    what is the best gear and rings are. And how do you get the mercy crystals.


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    Black Essence

    My character just level 604. And i can beat Maidame Curie at Speechless Land with Expert mode (of course to make easier, all status character is 9999 and HP is 99999). You can get unlimited “Ultimate Flower” from basement guild, repeat beat Jolie Curie (Supposedly).

    I only use 3 skill and ultimate skill.

    Foure : Overdrive

    Eara : Summon Baby

    Evaille : Summon Hawk

    Ark : ultimate “Elimi & Extermi”

    Then, auto-battle until end of battle.

    All character is must equipped :

    Flattery Cape, Focus Hairband, and Stack Ring.

    Ark weapon : Multiple Lapis and Multiple Ring.

    Foure, Eara, Evaille weapon : Dear Lapis (dropped from 3rd floor Forgotten Cottage)

    Stack Ring get at recycling jar, from stack jersey armor.

    Character role 1st, 2nd, 3rd

    Ark role : Exorcist, night master, quin divider.

    Foure : Hercules, heaven bound, cat paw.

    Eara : Alter sibyl, comey princess, sleeping beauty.

    Evaille : Hawkseye, heleg medusa, shadow figure

    Tactics all fight strongly


    Foure, ark, eara is front and evaille in center.

    Mark-star/make leader at Evaille, because make Foure get First Act.

    PS: i just equipped 3 poplin ring, because dont have Legion ring. Legion ring is from recycling jar. You can get Legion Lapis from shop using 100 stone with probability 12,5%.


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