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    I need some help… I’ve actually beaten the game twice. Once for normal ending, and once for true ending. I’m having an issue though. I cannot find Evaile’s last Role and I’m missing the 4 remaining warp points.


    I’m not sure what you are asking.Β  Β I have exactly 12 roles for each character, but I don’t know if there are more.

    Here are all the locations I know about: (I thought I had posted a world map with these marked, but I don’t see my post anywhere)

    * indicates not shown on the world map
    names come from Enemy Guide
    1 Furyu Village
    2 Link Port
    3 Primavera City
    4 Villa Oasis
    5 Elvust City
    6 Coast Storehouse
    7 Seater Port
    8 Eilnon City
    9 Old Hut
    10 Saurtart City
    11 Spree QS
    12 Otam QS
    13 Sama QS
    14 Twin Hills
    15 Lanta Track
    16 Zonmar Desert
    17 Kites Cave
    18 Cocoon Forest
    19 Kebull Snowfield
    20 Wint QS
    21 Singrette Stronghold
    22 Emergency Escape Route
    23 Teslo Gorge
    24 Sea Path
    25 Beno Path
    26 Order HQ (Underground)
    *27 Ancient Lands
    28 Ive Hill
    29 Avenir Zero
    30 Mount Metoron
    31 Rifee Shrine (not shown)
    32 Zoitanatoss
    33 The Beauty of Spring
    34 The Tower of Summer
    35 The Autumn Festival
    36 The Cold Sky of Winter
    37 Speechless Land
    38 Forgotten Cottage
    *39 Blank (on purpose)
    *40 Furyu Village-Near Twin Hills
    *41 Link Port-Near Lanta Track
    *42 Lanta Track-Near Primavera City
    43 Around Saison Order HQ
    44Villa Oasis-Near Zonmar Desert
    *45 Zonmar Desert-Near Kites Cave
    *46 Elvust City-Near Cocoon Forest
    *47 Otam QS-Near Coast S’House
    *48 Seater Port-Near Kebull Snowfield
    *49 Kebull Snowfield-Near Eilon City
    *50 Sea
    *51 Around Wint QS
    *52 Around Singrette Stronghold
    *53 Twin Hills (Depths)
    *54 Around Teslo Gorge
    *55 Around Sea Path
    *56 Saurtart City-Near Beno Path
    57 Stave Island
    *58 Zoitanatoss: Spree
    *59 Zoitanatoss: Sama
    *60 Zoitanatoss: Otam
    *61 Zoitanatoss: Wint
    63 Lev300
    64 Lv500
    65 Lev700
    66 Land Death
    67 Sea Death (approximate)
    *68 Arena (Primavera City)
    *69 Hidden Arena Ruins (Primavera City)
    *70 Other
    *71 Forgotten Cottage (same as 38)

    Older, but not wiser

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    Some of those locations don’t exist yet on mine. I triggered The Beauty of Spring. I cannot figure out how to get the 4 after that. Also, I only have 11 Roles for Evaile. I’m missing one.


    I’m sure have completed all the quests, but the only note I made for myself says

    two of the late roles come fromΒ  quests 11 &13 (Elvust city)

    Sorry I don’t remember more.

    Older, but not wiser


    Nevermind… I figured it out. It took me forever to beat that octopus in the desert, but I got the Tower of Summer now and Evaile’s final Role along with it. Doing that should bring the others and the remaining Warp locations because now I’m just missing 3.

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    @beladara I am having trouble in this area. How do I unlock the other 3 places? And how do I beat the quest in beauty of spring?


    I don’t remember. I haven’t played in almost a year. Started over recently in fact. What I’m having an issue with now is a chest in the desert… I can’t get to it. That tiny spot right below it does not allow me to grab it either.


    I just checked that part for you: It is (or should be) possible to grab that chest by utilizing that tiny spot right below it. On the other hand, I have the PC version and use a keyboard, so navigation might be more difficult for you, since you seem to be playing the mobile version. Regardless, you can simply take the left “sand elevator” down and open the chest this way; it can be accessed just a bit north of the position in your screenshot at the western edge.


    Tried that. I’d click as soon as I reach it and still miss.I hate using the pad, and prefer tap, so I’ll try the pad. Also, I use the mobile verison because I don’t own a computer. My phone is my only option.


    All right, I hope that will work for you. Of course, you can’t open the chest as long as you’re still on the “sand elevator”, and I’m not surprised that “tapping” apparently isn’t precise enough to let you move that one tile to the left directly below the chest. If all else fails, you could check whether you gain more maneuverability by using a different on-map party leader, but otherwise, I’m out of ideas.

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