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    Interestingly, Ark and Foure start at level 4 (not at level 1) and usually Eara and Evaile start with the same level as Ark at the moment they join your team. This is not necessarily true for Evaile…her minimum level is 15. With a planned playing, it is possible to go through Furyu Village, Twin Hills, Link Port and Lanta Track and find Evaile with Ark having a level lower than 15, and in this case, Evaile will be level 15 while your other characters will have a lower level (see attachment).

    The challenge is to start a new game and to find Evaile with the minimum level possible for Ark (it does not seem possible to go below level 9, you will see why…but level 9 is doable).


    • Do not use any Season Stone: no items from the shop, no weapon crafting, no Attract Shell/Nut/Metal enemies Fight (all these actions use season stones).
    • Do not use the Roulette Wheel

    Let us know what strategy you used and how many monsters you killed. How do you rate this challenge: easy? mid? hard?


    Always try the unexpected

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