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    I finally got a couple hours into Chroma Squad, and here’s what I know so far:

    The game is essentially a Power Rangers parody. Five actors who play “Ranger” like stuntmen walk out on their director and decide to open their own studio – and you get to manage the studio and record t.v. episodes (aka missions) where they fight against bad guys.

    There’s enough of a plotline to add some decent humor into the game, but aside from that it moves pretty quickly from one episode to the next. You start out by recording Season One Episode One. I think there are 6 seasons in total, but some of the in-game stuff only lists upgrades available through Season 5.

    When you start the game there’s a tutorial that’s sort of helpful but not really great. It tells you to use “Teamwork” at one point, and to beat a boss with a “Finishing Move” – but it doesn’t really tell you HOW to do these things, so you have to figure it out for yourself. Anyway after the tutorial, the actors move into their own studio and that’s where the fun begins.

    I do need to point out that this is a TACTICAL RPG – and I don’t have a lot of experience with the genre, so I can’t offer an opinion on how “hard” the game is… However, they do offer 3 difficulty settings, and I believe you can change difficulty in between episodes, so that should work for most people.

    The other thing I will say is that the entire game is put together very well – I can tell that a lot of thought went into the details.

    So, I’m not a huge Power Rangers fan, and I’m not a huge tactics fan, but I think this game is pretty cool.

    One last thing to beware of: It does take a LOOOOOOOONG time for the game to load on my tablet, and once when I thought I had saved and had to force stop and reload the game, my save data was completely gone… I don’t know if that’s the fault of the app, or if it’s because there’s too much stuff loaded on my tablet, but I thought it was worth mentioning, either way. If you’re concerned about it not working on your tablet, you might considering buying the Steam version (although it is 3x the cost):

    Anyway, here are some details for anyone who’s read this far and is still interested:

    Choosing your team
    You can choose from a nice list of actors, but I went with the 5 “default” characters… Each one has an info screen like this:


    They also have their own skills, BUT – new skills are gained with each new season (so you start with the base skill, then next one is unlocked in Season Two, then Season Three, etc.)


    And just for kicks, here’s a shot of the “Equipment” screen:


    Battle is turn-based. All 5 of your characters get their turns, then all enemies get theirs.
    Each character can move a certain number of squares (not sure if it’s different based on characters, or if different equipment might affect the Move number).

    If an enemy is in range on your first move, you can tap the enemy and attack them straight away. If they’re out of range, you can move closer on your first move, then use your second move to use a skill. However, you must be “Chromatized” – aka wearing your colored jumpsuit – in order to use skills.

    (If you attack on your first move, you don’t get a second move.)

    Here’s the basic “battle” screen:

    Now, the cool part: each of your party members can use “Teamwork” to do a couple different things:

    1. “Throw” another character farther than they’d normally be able to move.
    2. “Double” or “Triple” up to attack the same enemy.
    3. All 5 together can unleash the “Finishing Move”.

    1. To throw a character, move one party member a couple squares away and then tap “Teamwork.” Then, take your next character and tap on one of the yellow squares (as shown below).

    2. To team up on an enemy, move your first character right next to the enemy then tap “Teamwork.” Now have the second character straight up attack the same enemy, and you’ll “Double Up.” (If you want three or four to attack the same enemy, just put the next character adjacent to the same enemy and tap “Teamwork” again, until you have two or three surrounding him, then have the next character attack.)

    3. To use your finishing move, you need to surround the enemy with all 5 characters. One at a time, move the characters next to the enemy and have EACH ONE use Teamwork. When all 5 use Teamwork together, it launches the finishing move, which does really a lot of damage.

    Managing the studio
    After each episode, you get some money and fans:

    In between episodes, you can buy (or craft) new equipment for your actors, buy upgrades for the studio, check your email (yes, you get strange and random emails that you must respond to), hire an advertising agency, and buy upgrades for your Mecha (a giant robot that you get at the end of Season One).

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