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    MSG Commander

    I wish I had known about this place BEFORE I started Mission 11; it would probably have made the two flying tank battles a lot easier!

    Once you have the flying tank, you can visit Treca Village (The village that the army destroyed at the start of the game.)

    From the Imperial Guard Campsite, fly north across two lakes. You’ll end up in a forested area completely surrounded by mountains. Treca Village is on the east side of the forest. It’s been completely rebuilt, and it has THE BEST WEAPONS AND TANK PARTS.

    Also, inside one of the unmarked buildings, there’s a Scholar. Talking to him will allow you to unlock Sub Mission 07. (And that’s all I’m going to say about this sub mission, because the mission is hilarious!) :silly:

    And, Treca Village has the Ultimate Gun Shop!!!!!! In the southeast corner of town, there’s an exit that leads to a second screen. Enter the building on the second screen. The old man inside is a Gunsmith. But he only makes weapons from “Ancient Metal.” (Which, you should have some, at least.) You can trade one piece of Ancient Metal for one of the following weapons (you can buy more than one of the same weapon if you want):

    HG09 Peacemaker
    M9 Barrett Squall
    L8 Dragoon Sniper
    S7 Volcano
    GU06 Avenger

    These ultimate weapons are even stronger than the weapons sold in the Weapons Shop here in Treca Village!

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    Wait what………. NO NO NO NO NO. I waa Fooled! Treca Village, was actually there with the best weapons. I mean what. Alright I am Reinstalling The Game again just for that Hilarious Sub Mission you are talking about XD

    MSG Commander

    Yeah, here’s a pic of the World Map with Treca Village highlighted:

    You can only get there after you get the flight unit. After visiting the Tank Shop in Treca village, here’s what I wound up with:

    Magic Element Gun (for 10 Dog Tags)
    Atk 700 AP 30 Reload 180 Precision 200
    Shell: Armor-piercing, Wave, Flare

    Mythril Plating
    Durability 1200 Armor 150 Anti-Magic 140 Mobility -50

    V8 Annihilation Engine
    Durability 600 Capacity 250 Output 150 Mobility 200

    Part 1: EM Barrier
    Adds EM Barrier command (which blocks enemy attacks for 3 turns!)

    Part 2: All-Purpose Device
    Nulls all ailments

    All this gave me the following tank stats:
    HP 1800 (previously was 1450)
    Attack Power 700
    Plating 150
    Mobility 150
    Capactiy 250
    Reload 180
    Magic Resistance 140
    Output 150
    Cost 30

    Now, I happened to save in a separate slot, before the two planes battle. I reloaded that slot, and was able to go to Treca Village and upgrade my tank before the battle. The result: the first plane was NO problem. I used EM Barrier repeatedly, and hardly worried about HP at all. The second battle, I used EM Barrier and the Wave Shell to take out the two “friends” with the plane, then I used the Armor-piercing shell on the plane. I still had to watch my health and energy but not as badly as the first time around.

    I believe if you reinstall and go to Treca Village before this boss battle, you’ll stand a MUCH BETTER chance (and then you should be able to finish the rest of the game.)

    So, question: Do you still want me to post about what happens after this battle, or leave it for you to discover on your own?


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    I might start playing it again IMO. I think that the new spoiler thread, would most likely be bad for anyother person( You Know Curiosity ). Anyway thanks for the Heads Up, and this should be stickied, because not all know about treca village( Including me) so that other people wont have this problem.
    P.S: I have already started the game again so, I plan to see the ending for myself.

    MSG Commander

    One more thing – I just completed Sub Mission 7 last night, and one of the treasure chests in the dungeon had Elementite Plating (tank armor). My tank’s HP is NOW 2600…

    Now, I did this Sub Mission after the two planes battle, and all the random encounters were easy, but the Boss presented a bit of a challenge. So, I don’t know what the random encounters would be like if you did this before the two planes, but if you do your tank will pretty much be indestructible.

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    Yeah I do remember that armor. It also had an awesome defense aswell. It was not that useful in the planes boos fight, because it didnt have any effective resistances if I remember correctly.

    MSG Commander

    Okay so before the weekend hit I finished Chrome Wolf. The ending is not entirely happy – but I found it to be very satisfying. There are only 12 Missions, and 7 Sub Missions (plus the 3 you can unlock with CW Points).

    Great game, took me about 20 hours (but then I’m always a bit on the slow side.)

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    Yeah My Friend Did Say that he was surprised that kemco pulled of an unhappy yet a satisfactory ending.

    MSG Commander

    I was pretty surprised as well. I have to say, overall Chrome Wolf has one of the better story lines. (Alphadia has a great story as well, but horrible dialogue.)

    It almost seems like a lot of their earlier games had cheesier graphics, but better stories – and now we almost have better graphics, but cheesier stories. Of course that doesn’t apply across the board, because Revenant Saga and Asdivine Dios both have good stories – but the Alphadia Genesis games seem to be more on the cheesy side (at least in my opinion).

    Still, I like MOST Kemco games just fine the way that they are (especially when you consider I bought most of them on sale for .99 each!)

    There are a few I never finished – Seven Sacred Beasts, Dark Gate, Dead Dragons, but there are many that I’ve played more than once – Alphadia, Eve of the Genesis, Symphony of the Origin, Crystareino, and Soul Historica, just to name a few.

    So sometimes I don’t “love” one of their games, but overall – I think they’re the best at what they do.

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    I totally agree with you there. Kemco now focuses more on “Eye Candy” rather than the story itself( Which I Know Previous Game Have ). I mean Alphadia had a really good story, and its gameplay had its fair share of strartegy and the enemies were rarely Cheap, except for bosses. Alphadia was filled with cheap bosses.
    Revenant Saga Had a really good Concept you know and I was Really Looking Forward To a Dark Ending( We all know how that ended). Asdivine Dios, again Great Concept but the Main Character Ruined All Of it. Alphadia Genesis 2 had a much better story( And It wasnt really a good ending…. For Enah anyways )

    0.99 is indeed such a Heavenly Price (Drools )

    IF I was to sum up the games you didnt play in a sentence or two it would be
    Dead Dragons: Story was not Satisfactory , but had an intriguing gameplay ( But Still Cheap like Blood of Calamity imo )
    Seven Sacred Beasts: Is More of An ARPG. Everything Was Great Overall.
    Dark Gate: Dont Let the Graphics Fool you. This is one good game.

    You deserve a thank you on the last paragraph. You literally nailed what I had in mind.

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