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    This game is truly awesome. I had a blast playing this game, I mean story and dialogue are just perfect. I hated that ending though. I don’t like sad endings but I understand this was how it had to happen. I thank a lot to this site since I saw a recommendation to play this game and I happen to had purchased this game a while ago for like $1 so I gave this a try. I almost have a perfect file. This is what I had at the end:
    – Level 99 with all characters
    – Mastered all classes and elements with all characters
    – Got the 5 Best weapons with the blacksmith in Treca Village (there are 5 ores in the game for this)
    – Got 3 of the best armor in the game. (Sadly there are only 3 in the game)
    – Got at least 1 of every accessory in the game.
    – Got the best equipment for the tank
    – Had 99 items from all not CWP shop exclusive items (i.e Ultimate Ration)
    – Found all enemies in the game and almost completed all their item entries. I missed drops and steals from bosses at the very start of the game and the aerial battles because I could not find a way to use Fortune Disks to guarantee their drops.

    However, I am very surprised that this game has NG+. Is there something different? I will go through the game a second time and will try to do the following:
    – Complete item drops from all enemies in the game. The last 2 aerial battles will be a pain. However, I am only missing a couple of items. I got almost all rare items from those battles during my first playthrough. If anyone knows how to use items in these battles (Fortune disk) please let me know!
    – Get other 2 best armors for my remaining characters.
    – There was a sub-mission where I had to try to rescue some hostages but at the end they end up killed. Since I wanted the experience and drop items from vigilant guards I battled all of them. I would like to know if I complete the mission without being spotted, they could be saved.
    – Try to find out if there is a different ending. If anyone knows, please tell me!

    I also found that there are 3 bugged items: Spirit Powder, Fairy Wings and Angel Tear. According to their description they recover certain % of HP and I could not make them work neither in the menu or during battles.

    Please if anyone wants to discuss something or give me some information that I may be missing, don’t hesitate to do it.

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    I would really like to see if anything changes in NG+. Neither me nor MSG have played the NG+ mode, so we wanted to know if anything changes. If anything does change, then please let us know lol. This game was a master piece.

    MSG Commander


    If you’re the type to make lists, tables, notes etc. while you play through, let me know; I’d love to have skill lists and an enemy list for this game (although as I recall it’s quite difficult to tell which skill belongs to which class…)

    I agree that I usually don’t like sad endings, but once you enter the final location it’s pretty obvious there’s only one way for the story to end. And in this game, it honestly is the perfect ending.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I look forward to hearing about the new game+.

    All your base are


    There’s no NG+, just so you know. It’s the same game. Well, skills and equipment carry through and all… but no plot changes.

    Also, I think Spirit Powder, Fairy Wings etc. were revive items (i.e. use on dead members).

    And there’s no way to use Fortune Disks or any items in the aerial battles. Sorry.


    Thank you for your post Serinox, it is good to know that.

    MSG, in fact I do. However, in the case of skill this will be impossible for me to do since all skills are carried over in NG+. However, I could help with the monster list, whenever I start with the game again.

    In an off-topic note I have a very detailed spreadsheet of Alphadia Genesis that I would like to share. Just keep in mind that I did it for the WiiU version and I don’t know how different is for the mobile or PC versions. I originally shared it in gamefaqs and I am not sure how to share it here. I could upload it somewhere, please let me know.

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    Spoiler title
    When You Gain What Skill:

    Rank 1:
    Trooper – Burst Shot
    Support – Snipe
    Sniper – Burst Shot
    Recon – Capture
    Mage – Daze Barrett
    Spartan – Blade Barrage
    W(ater) – Cure Drops
    F(lame) – Flame
    L(ightning) – Lightning
    Rank 2:
    Trooper – Provoke
    Support – Daze Barrett
    Sniper – Hide
    Recon – Snipe
    Mage – Evade Shot
    Spartan – Stun Shot
    W – Ice Javelin
    F – Blunt
    L – Seal
    Rank 3:
    Trooper – Trance Shot
    Support – Trance Shot
    Sniper – Evade Shot
    Recon – Daze Barrett
    Mage – Floor Wax
    Spartan – Boost Mode
    W – Clean State
    F – Physical Boost
    L – Magic Boost
    Rank 4:
    Trooper – Line Barrage
    Support – Blitz Rush
    Sniper – Trance Shot
    Recon – Evade Shot
    Mage – Fear Barrett
    Spartan – Quickdraw
    W – Cure Rain
    F – Paranoia
    L – Paralysis Gear
    Rank 5:
    Trooper – Full Retreat
    Support – Fear Barrett
    Sniper – Multishot
    Recon – Line Barrage
    Mage – Disaster
    Spartan – Thanatos Shot
    W – Freezing Lance
    F – Frey’s Wall
    L – Cross Spark
    Rank 6:
    Trooper – Multishot
    Support – Magic Rush
    Sniper – Hunter Mode
    Recon – Treasure Hunt
    Mage – Stun Shot
    Spartan – Accelerate
    W – CPR
    F – Blackout
    L – Sleep Grenade
    Rank 7:
    Trooper – Impact Shot
    Support – Blade Barrage
    Sniper – Fatal Shot
    Recon – Quickdraw
    Mage – Impact Shot
    Spartan – Barrage All
    W – Hydro Cure
    F – Physical Down
    L – Magic Down
    Rank 8:
    Trooper – Power Charge
    Support – Mobile Rush
    Sniper – Quick Assist
    Recon – Fatal Shot
    Mage – Blade Barrage
    Spartan – Full Burst
    W – Cure Squall
    F – Slow Down
    L – Jupiter’s Rage
    Rank 9:
    Trooper – Full Burst
    Support – Barrage All
    Sniper – Thanatos Shot
    Recon – Stealth Cover
    Mage – Abyss Devour
    Spartan – Outrage
    W – Absolute Zero
    F – Super Nova
    L – Protect Barrier
    Rank MAX:
    Trooper – Survival Instinct (class passive)
    Support – Battle Cry (class passive)
    Sniper – Headshot (class passive)
    Recon – Recon (class passive)
    Mage – Magic Boost (class passive)
    Spartan – Fervor (class passive)
    W – Full Recovery
    F – Dispel
    L – Resist Barrier

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    This is great Searinox119, I think I may end writing a spreadsheet with all information available on this game. Can I use your information to build it? I will give you all credit for this.


    Sure, I don’t mind at all. If there’s anything else you want to know, I’m willing to help.
    By the way, I apparently missed one entry in the list above. I already edited it in, but just in case you copied the list to your computer for convenience or something along these lines – Rank 1 Support learns Snipe.


    Thank you for letting me know!


    Hello Guys. I just wanted to let you know I am still working in the spreadsheet for this game. This has been taking me a lot more than I anticipated due to RL stuff. I just started the Imperial Palace. BTW I found an interesting bug in one of the chest in central park while going through NG+. When trying to open a chest in the Central Park I get a message: Found “Power Save Device”, but cannot hold any more.

    There is no item named like that in the game, I already tried selling ALL my Items, weapons, accessories and armors and I still get this message. I am thinking this was a Dog Tag during the first playthrough but somehow it is bugged in NG+. I cannot confirm this, though. I also tried exchanging all my Dog Tags and I still get this message. I am attaching a picture as reference. If anyone knows what was in this chest, please let me know!

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