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    Hi everyone,

    I compiled detailed information about the game in the following spreadsheet, which can also be easily downloaded:

    The file has lots of spoilers such as name of bosses. Proceed at your own risk. The following notes are also included in the file:

    Notes about Missables:

    1. Technically there are no missables at this game, since there is NG+. However, some items/enemies can be missed in a particular walkthrough.
    2. Rebel Soldier enemy located in Trent Tunnel has a stealable item (Spirit Powder), however up to this point you don’t have access to Capture yet. The only way to fill this entry is in NG+, where you would have the capture skill.
    3. Bosses are one time only. Be sure to get Normal and Rare items, as well as Steal items from them as soon as the battle start. Ensure to engage Boss Battles with at least 2-3 Fortune Discs from the CWP shop to easily obtain their drops.
    4. Also regarding bosses, be sure to have the Capture Skill ASAP, to get the Steal item from the bosses. You get capture from Lv. 1 of the Recon Class.
    5. Magic Element Gun (best cannon part in the game) is obtained trading Dog Tags. Don’t spend your limited Dog Tags in anything else until you can afford the Magic Element Gun.
    6. You can get 3 Element Shell (best armor in the game) in three areas (Check Armors Tab). Since you have 5 characters in the normal game, additional armor pieces for can be gotten from Dog Tag exchange or in NG+
    7. Some rewards from Submissions will not be given if you fail them. Be sure to successfully complete them to not miss any. Check SubMissions Tab for help.
    8. SubMission02 – Join Military Exercise is completely missable (enemies entries and reward items) at some point since the quest giver will leave the area and will not return. Be sure to complete both battles as soon as you are capable.
    9. Not really a missable, but Tank Parts located in treasure chests cannot be picked up again in NG+, since you cannot get rid/sell them and you can only have one in your inventory.
    10. There are exactly 5 Ancient Metals in the game which can be exchanged by each of the 5 Ultimate Weapons in the game. If you repeat the same item, you may miss some of them.
    11. Head Hunter, although not a boss is a limited enemy at Prison Camp. The same rules for bosses apply with this enemy to complete his entries.
    12. All items located in Imperial Castle are missable. Limited quantity items include: Dog Tag and OmniGuard (although more can be gotten in CWP shop) and Missable items such as: Speed Reloader and Heavy Weight
    13. Boss encounter in Island Cave has Yellow Prism X2 and Proto Garuda. You fight them inside the flying tank and obviously you cannot exit the tank in this fight. The problem is that you cannot use a Fortune Disc to easily get both drops from both type of enemies. Since you fight 2 yellow prisms is easier to get these drops. Proto Garuda is much harder. My advice is to reload as many times as needed to get 2-3 items, preferably the rarer ones. Leave the remaining items for NG+. It is also recommended to have Magic Element Gun for this fight to be easier and faster. It took me several tries to get a good result.
    14. Dear god, you will hate this as I did because you have the same situation as in Note 13 but twice in a row in your way to Skyfort Regalia. You fight 2 aerial battles consecutively, so it is even harder to get all items. Fight 1 has 1 enemy and Fight 2 is similar to the one in Note 13 with 2 prims and 1 different Garuda. Try to get at least the Rare Item from the first fight and at least 2-3 items from the second fight. Get the remaining ones in NG+.
    15. Skyfort Regalia is another missable area. Limited quantity items include: Ancient Metal and Red Beret; and Missable items such as: Amazing Guard, which also becomes inaccessible after messing with the Door puzzles.Β All normal enemies and their item entries in this dungeon are missable as well.
    16. There is one item inside Lemming Castle that becomes inaccessible after messing with the doors puzzles (cannot check which anymore). Be sure to have multiple save files to not miss anything.
    17. Finally, Valhna Plains is a point of no return as soon as you enter this area. All enemies (and their item entries) and items are missable as soon as you complete the game. Limited quantity items include Chrono Glass and rare consumable items.

    Other Notes:

    1. It is recommended to get skills ASAP with as many characters as possible: Capture, Clean State and Cure Drops. Also Floor Wax, Treasure Hunt and Stealth Cover is recommended it at least one character.
    2. Get Spartan Class by completing Ancient Ruins (CWP Dungeon). It is the best class in the game, since can equip all weapons and has the best stats of all classes. However, do not ignore all other classes, you will need to learn their skills.
    3. Prioritize the use of CWP to obtain Fortune Discs for farming and enemy entry completion purposes and Key Items used to access special dungeons. You can exchange CWP as soon as you get to Freedom Base for the first time.
    4. I lost my saves for this game so I cannot back and check any of the information included in this file. If you think I made a mistake and can provide correct information let me know and I will update this document.

    Acknowledgents: Thanks to Searinox119 for providing information of class and magic ranks for skills and items and enemies located in the last areas of the game. Thank you buddy, without your help I would have not been able to complete this file.

    Also, sorry for any typos in the file, English is not my primary language. In any case, let me know any comments/corrections/suggestions.

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    1. Chrome-Wolf.xlsx

    Wow! Awesome, job!!

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Thank you!

    BTW, How strange, I would have sworn that I attached the file. I am doing it now.

    MSG Commander

    @alfieri, Thank you!

    Chrome Wolf is one of my favorite games, but one that I think a lot of people overlook.

    (Note to lurkers: If you’re reading this, Go Play Chrome Wolf! You won’t regret it.)Β  πŸ˜†

    All your base are



    I hope it can be of some help to anyone trying this game. =)

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    wait so you finish the game? please please spoil me the ending.. does olga has feeling for kruz?



    wait so you finish the game? please please spoil me the ending.. does olga has feeling for kruz?

    That’s right. (For someone who sees this thread in near future.)

    Unless you see it by youself

    Even though Magitec sprites doesn’t have facial interaction to know their feelings tho it is shown in dialogue that Olga starting to have feelings during mid-game until Kruz do his Supreme Sacrifice Atonement (SSA).

    In the credit/post-credit of the game, if i right, Williot and Olga visit Kruz, Gardel and Major graves and a dialogue of Olga that she hope Kruz and the Major having good time while drinking alcohol in the afterlife.

    That’s all.

    My journey to end the darkness ends up losing someone I loved. Now I realized that there's no victorious in either sides. It's all about the casualties it caused...

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    Where in the game does sub mission 2 happen.

    looks like have to play this garbage game a third time


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