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    Beard-Metal Death

    I am at mission 10 or 11 rather I just got 10 dog tags to get the ultimate tank gun but now finishing job classes however i can’t find any ancient metal plz help I tried using the spreadsheet for this game posted here but it confused me all to hell so any help would be great thnx

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    Hello there, I prepared the Spreadsheet. I am sorry the Spreadsheet confused you. The 5 Ancient Metals are located in the following areas:

    • Ancient Ruins. This is a CWP Dungeon, which means you need to buy an item from the CWP shop to be able to access it. In this case you need theAncient Key. After getting this item talk to the quest giver and in the submissions, the submission 08 should be active, so you can access this dungeon.
    • Chimera Lab. This also a CWP Dungeon. Same as before, buy theMaster ID from the CWP shop and accept Submission 09.
    • Island Cave. Again, this a CWP Dungeon. Get Classified Document from the CWP shop and accept Submission 10.
    • Skyfort Regalia. This is dungeon almost at the end of the game. After you defeat the boss at end this area is closed forever, any item not obtained is missed. You need to go through NG+ to get it again.
    • Lemming Castle. This is an optional dungeon. This is unlocked after arriving to Treca Village for the 2nd time (Flying Tank required). Talk to one of the villagers there to be able to accept Submission 07.

    I hope this helps.

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