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    Hello, i bought the key, but i cannot find it.
    Please tell me.


    I believe you’re supposed to go to the ancient dungeon from the main menu if i recall correctly. How? i dont know.

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    You can find the key in the online shop but you must have the required amount of IAP points (CHA)


    first of all i wrote from mobile thus i was impolitely (?) concise, then thanks for replies.
    With the key in my hand, I was wandering here and there in the map, i went deep in kazoo and galbure tower, i searched the menus, i restarted the game…
    Access to ancient path and dungeon is from premium shop after you purchase the key… I feel sick now.


    (Kinda late response, but it’s in case anyone else needs to know.)

    Talk to the IAP shopkeeper if you have the Ancient Dungeons Key.  Choose “Ancient Dungeons” from the menu. Pick which of the two dungeons you want to explore. As long as you have the key, you will have access to both dungeons.  There is no limit to how many times you can go to either dungeon.

    The Ancient Labyrinth is 10 floors deep.  It is mostly puzzles. The Ancient Underground Path is mostly mining. It is 15 floors deep. Some puzzles, but nothing like the quantity or difficulty as the Ancient Labyrinth’s puzzles.

    The Ancient Underground Path does have a mini-boss to beat at the end of it.  The treasure he protects is meh, but the XP you get from him is phenomenal.  He respawns, too, if you want to keep going back to challenge him. (I haven’t fought the boss more than once, so I don’t know if you get the same XP or not from him. I’m just assuming you do.)


    Edit: went back and fought the boss a couple more times. You get the same XP of 90K; and the treasures behind him reset.


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