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    Overtime I’ve been noticing that my backlog has been steadily increasing. This is pretty easy to do with mobile games, especially Kemco games, which tend to cost less than buying junk food at 7-11 or McDonalds. But what’s bad in my case is that I have a tendency to play games for a while and move on when I’m barely even half way through the game, which is especially bad considering how long even short RPGs are. So I decided to start a little thread about one of the games I’m going through now. I may make other thread for the other Kemco games I’m playing too, since I’m playing around with more than one.

    At this time, I’m right after the point where you get the first re-class. I just got past the Dragon’s Jaws and made it to Bagas. I decided to give Loka the first class up because “why not?”, picking the Spell Soldier class. This has rewarded me with the Dragon Thunder skill which trivializes mant random encounters. Not all of them, fights with the red raptordragon things are still a pain, as is the room with what seems to be about 8 encounters with nasty lizards, but the thunder skill is still quite broken.
    I previously had Sarna as my spalsh damage dealer, as well as much healer, but now I exclusively have her on healing duties and guard assist. Kuril also does a lot of buffing and debuffing, as her strong attacks no longer hold a candle to Loka’s disgusting output. Both the girls are also quite vulnerable as well.

    I really liked how much I had to struggle to get by in this game. While I kind of feel that the difficulty wall may be a bit much at times, it did make me think a bit more about what to do in situations and how to make them come out well for my party. That quality’s been decreasing a bit though, since the characters are getting much stronger, dominant strategies are showing their head, and re-classing give such a massive boost.


    Reclassing just turned Sarna into a murder machine. I had her as my main damage dealer hitting with the strongest ice spell 4 times in a row for absurd amounts of damage. The game just breaks if you stick to grinding and getting the books needed for the final classes.

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