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    I am at the final boss (a green dragon in the Kazoo tower) and am getting my ass kicked. This game is not forgiving when it comes to new areas and bosses.

    My team is at level 36. The weapons and armor are +2 and +3 from the stock stuff in the Bagas store. I haven’t ‘reset’ or used a Book of Discipline yet (because I’m still not clear about it).

    Any advice or tips on how to get stronger? Haven’t used any mana or anything either.


    Beat the game, just need advice on beating post-game bosses now! The final boss (Galbure) was a pain.

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    Lots of ppl here have played the game. Hang tight for a response. Sorry it’s taking so long to get you help. They may not have noticed your thread yet.

    I’m of no help to you, unfortunately. I started the game about 10 minutes ago! Came here to see what juicy tidbits and opinions about the game may be here to find.

    Was hoping to see if the game is worth $8. Games are usually $3-4, so to go twice the price makes me want to be assured that Chronus Arc is worth the extra buckage. What do you think?




    @uninvented In my opinion, it’s a decent game. I liked Fernz Gate better. To me, there isn’t much post-game stuff to do compared to some of the other games.

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    Oh, yeah! After reading many posts in the Forums, it is easy to conclude that Fernz Gate is a fave for many gamers.  It’s an amazing game.  You realize that from the beginning, and it only gets better & better. Fernz Gate is frequently mentioned and compared to, or used as a yardstick for, other games we play around here.

    I like playing a game that has a bunch of post-game stuff- which is how I got hooked on Kemco games. Asdivine Dios was the first Kemco game I played.  The dialogue is meh, but the length of the game, amount of post-game activity, cute little jokes, the arena & mystery that surrounds Maidame Curie, and the storyline, made me an instant fan.  Post-game content was something I never saw in a game until I played the Asdivine series. It was like a breath of fresh air. I have just about come to expect it, actually.  I will play a game that doesn’t have post-game content, or little of it. But so far, all it does is make me feel like something is missing from the game. Kemco really spoiled me.

    If I’m having post-game play withdrawals, I always fall back on Asdivine Cross and Menace. They always satisfy that craving.  Haha


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