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    I am the part where I am supposed to follow Kuril to the Chronus Shrine but I have no idea where it is or how to get there.



    Chronus Shrine is immediately east of Kiribay.

    Do you mean you just spoke to the King and Cordea in the castle, and now Loka is going after Sarna and Kuril to Chronus Shrine? That’s the only time I can think when Loka would have to follow Kuril.

    If that’s not the part where you’re at in the game, then are you sure Chronus Shrine is where you’re supposed to be headed?

    If I’m wrong, please toss out some more details to jog my memory so I can better help you.

    Also, your Quests menu will tell where you need to go next. And if you’re on the World Map and click Menu, you can move the cursor to see (and warp to) all the places you’ve been to so far.


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