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    This is just to get the list started, and is simply for recording what types of crafting materials are available in each location.

    Please feel free to contribute! When we have items for every location in the game, I will post one final “reply” in this thread that will (I hope) be one nice, tidy list of all the items in all the locations!

    *= Rare

    Chronus Shrine

    Iron Fragment
    Soft Leather

    Rastora Forest

    Blunted Claw
    Beautiful Leather
    Green Feather*( also, rarely dropped by Leaf Bird )
    Soft Feather
    Sharp Talon ( Dropped by Messiaen )

    Elda Tower

    Fire Stone
    Sharp Talon
    Green Feather
    Blunted Claw
    Beautiful Leather
    Serpents Scale
    Thunder Stone
    Magic Powder
    Ice Stone

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