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    Can someone help me out please? If you could click on the attachment maybe you can solve it!
    Many thanks 😉


    It’s been a very, very long time since I played this game; however, I do still have a save file. Where is this puzzle located? I’ll try to warp back and see what I did. 🙂

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    That question was posted over a year ago. I don’t care if I’m late. I still wanna say something. 😛 Just in case I can help if someone else needs to know.

    I’m not at that puzzle yet. But, by doing a paper and pencil drawing, I think I may have the solution.  If I’m incorrect, then it shouldn’t take much more manipulating of the blocks to figure it out.

    From top to bottom the Blocks will be numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4. From left to right, top to bottom, the Switches will be 1, 2, 3, and 4.

    Since that is the case, by the time the puzzle is done, Block 4 will be on Switch 1, Block 3 will be on Switch 2, Block 2 will be on Switch 3, and Block 1 will be on Switch 4. Might not make sense now, but hopefully it will by the time you get the Blocks moving.


    This puzzle requires a lot of moves. It may be difficult to remember which Block is which once you get them moving. There is no easier way of explaining this without a video.  I can’t do that yet since I’m not at that puzzle.

    Some Block moves are written twice in a row (ie Block 2 left 1, and the next line has Block 2 down 1). When they are separated that way, it means you can’t make the moves in one motion. After one move, you have to travel around the open path to make the other move. There will only be one open path at any given time.  Therefore, you can only make a small move then a long walk then a small move… .

    Sorry, I don’t have a spreadsheet to make this easy on your eyes.

    BLOCK:   MOVE:
    4               Right 2
    2               R1 onto S2
    3               Down 1
    3               R1
    4               Up 2
    4               D2
    2               Left 2
    1               D2
    4               U2, L1
    3               R1
    1               D1
    1               R1
    3               U2
    1               L2
    2               L1
    2               D1
    3               D1
    4               L2 (to Switch 1)
    3               U1, L1 (to Switch 2)
    1               R2 (to Switch 4)
    2               D1, R1 (to Switch 3)

    You should hear the door go “click!” Bummer if you don’t.

    When I do get to this puzzle, I’ll make a vid for the solution and post it here.  I’ll leave a dramatic pause in between each move to allow a moment or two to stop the vid while you manipulate the blocks. (And if my hand-written solution is incorrect, I’ll be able to figure it out once I’m able to move the blocks myself.)

    Please leave feedback.


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    I made it to the Boss.  I still have not seen this puzzle.



    Puzzle is in B4F of the Ancient Labyrinth (video solution posted in the forum).  (I think my notation means basement 4th floor).

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    Oh, ok. That solves two mysteries for me. That there is a solution to the puzzle and that there is another area. Thanks, Oldtymer.



    I got to that puzzle.  I’m glad my solution worked, but I didn’t know at the time you had a vid, Oldtymer.  Your vid makes my solution obsolete. Glad you have it out there.


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