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    yes i am playing it. i remember this game as a very bad reputation here but seems like some topics or post has disappeared. first of all, the game as framerate issue under android pie but runs fine on android 7. it is not impossible to play it but the feeling of slowdown is here and you have more the feeling of dragon quest 2 on nes than in grinsia or soul historia which were fun. on android 7, the game runs as soul historia. it’s hard for me to tell which one is better technically. it seems that soul historia is easier because it didn’t kept the feeling of chrome wolf and the crazy dungeon. i talk of crazy but it was the dlc. here it concerns also the dlc with improbable level design.

    overall the game is fun to play and the story is original with some interesting twist in it. i just hope that i won’t have to replay it fully to see the true ending (infinite dunamis, zenonia 2, if you here me…). so far i am at 14h of playthrough on mission 31. i know there is more anyway, it seems to have at least 37 chapters. soul historia proves to have more than what you can anticipate by looking at the story list so i will confirm it later.

    interesting fact about the side quest, they are based on all available classes, 2 dlc to pay and 1 open quest (the stone tablet) for a total of 10 (also the number of stone tablet to find in this world). of course playing it on android 7 was necessary to enjoy the fun of the game. on android 9, it really is complicated and not compatible with playing in the sublway because it is slow. i may say that up until now (and except for the 2 dlc) i don’t really understand why this game is not appreciated.

    i will complete this feedback once i finished the game, which won’t happen before some hours i think. nice to see that Magitec can make true long game and not only 8 (grinsia but dark seven ordead dragons also) to 11h games (chrome wolf)

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    i finally completed the game in 24h. i think it was worth to discover it until the end but didn’t found any real postgame. you can reload the save game and begin a new journey to check other classes (with silver card) or higher classes (with gold card). this is where the gameplay is tricky. on the contrary of soul historica, it is not so easy to abandon a character at level 30 (maybe 35 to have all skills) and go back to level 1 and leave again the whole adventure whether you do it in the current run or the post game. however i do know that to win in the additional dlc dungeon, this is the way (exploring all classes).

    the strongest point is the music in this game.

    i would advise for easy xp, the field dungeon up to the boss. this dungeon on level 50 is really easy and good. honestly the last dungeon is as hard as the dlc in term of monsters power. you will need to go there prepared. the hamster tower remains the hardest on the last floor as i wasn’t able to beat one monster at level 48…

    There are 10 sub quests in the game :

    2 are the paid dlc.

    5 quests require each monster type to reach level 30 to solve different situation

    one guy went away home and the quest need to be solved in 2 times i think as you need to check the town of Fatma at different time of the game to solve it.

    the leclear ore, it is in the last dungeon but the weapon are really excellent.

    the last one is to collect 10 pieces of stone tablet to obtain from the archeologist hut man various powerful item. i was able to find only 8… the strongest armor for a warrior was one of the 8 items but i think there could be more.

    all in all, the game is hard but i really liked it. if it was optimized on android 9 (no framerate issue), in the dlc dungeon i would have probably spent 20 more hours to complete them and beat the ultra bosses. i should have finished it on android 7 but i wanted to play it on wider screen. if only i did it earlier i could have enjoyed more of this game.

    this last magitec in english was great. only remain for me to find a way to pay and play ancient phantasma in japanese now (and shining mars as well from world wide software).


    Android is unique


    Does anyone know where all of the pieces of stone tablets are for the archeologist quest? I found 1 in Genies camp and the next dungeon i completed did not have 1 which was Gallia Fort.. Are they all in dungeons? Thanks.


    Does anyone know where all of the pieces of stone tablets are for the archeologist quest? I found 1 in Genies camp and the next dungeon i completed did not have 1 which was Gallia Fort.. Are they all in dungeons? Thanks.

    If i recall correctly, it should. But you need to watch out for towns and houses hidden places some sort.

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