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    i have completed the normal playthrough in 9h30. I lose time in some dungeon exploring the multiples ways but overall thegame was easy. the story is charming enough to finish it. the world is somewhere between Chronus arc and bond of the skies. i would even say that chronus arc is the “upgrade” version of the concept. cross heart didn’t have any side quest (or at least i didn’t found any). the chara design is special with ugly faceset but nice sprites. funny things but the sprites were re used and edited on higher resolution in machine knight for example.

    the dungeon are long, there are lots of places to visit but i get the feeling that the game was cut as we don’t use fully the earthland map on the contrary of the sky one. also it is more difficult to obtain all the recipes from the guy than in chronus arc. regarding the craft system, it is nice but in the end only the magic spells prevail.

    after the last boss and the semi twist of the bad is not so bad, it let some questions unanswered to my opinion. regarding the post game, i found the sealed dimension on the sky map which is a messy dungeon of all environment of the game to discover aneven messed up ultimate boss. look like a case of mental issue due to solitude.

    i appreciate this game and i will give a second go to the ultimate boss because the first time, i was wiped out due to the lack of resources. once again, resistance to magic spell is key here. all in all, a game to do before it disappear completely from the android store due to “android pie”. lots of hitpoint and magitec games disappear due to it.

    Android is unique

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