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    Well no wonder 😑! Thanks 1oldtymer 👍

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    Do you find it where is it
    Btw thx a lot
    1oldtymer for subquest 2


    I, too, am interested to know this.  The game really doesn’t give you any hint as to where to go ( any correct ones, anyway)


    According to this, Crystal Ortha might be out on Switch pretty soon.


    @1oldtymer The auto battle button is in the top left corner, looks like a forward triangle



    Crystal Ortha Is A Unique Pixel Experience For Xbox One and PC

    KEMCO has been on a recent surge publishing JRPGs to their active and hungry community. The newest addition to the KEMCO family is a title called Crystal Ortha which takes players on an adventure in a legend revolving around a motherlode of crystals.

    Enter into a unique anime-style world where players will find their like-minded allies who want to join the quest to find the mother lode of crystals. This game revolves around solving puzzles, talking with NPCs, and fighting through tough boss battles that feature dialogue trees and alternative tactics.

    In this unique journey, players travel into the depths of the world in search of the motherlode of crystal. Talk to NPCs and watch the world evolve around you as you try and discover the proper path to your dream.


    This game includes a wide array of characters, multiple gear types, and unique exploration opportunities. What this game lacks in modern aesthetics it makes up for with classic JRPG traditions and wonderfully crafted pixel stories.

    This game does use a turn-based battle mode that the developer is very aware of. Fill in the skill slots, prepare for turn-based battles, and customize each hero to take on a unique fighting style. Take advantage of their strengths or watch them fall in combat as you try and get to the bottom of this unique story.

    This game does include a rather robust crafting system. As the entire game revolves around searching for ores and geodes, players can use their discoveries to create new weapons and gear for their many adventures.

    It should be noted that this is a classic JRPG experience which means that fans can expect multiple stereotype appearances to occur. While KEMCO’s various projects are different in the narrative, there are many consistent facts that come with creating games in the JRPG genre.

    Still, for fans that love a classic and fulfilling experience, this title is perfect. Prepare for an epic journey of friendship, dreams, and competition as you try and search for the motherlode of all crystals.

    This title is great for players of all ages. As a classic JRPG players can expect it to follow a classic formula and present a fulfilling adventure.


    Crystal Ortha is available now on PC for only $14.99. This is the general standard price for games of this style, and there are multiple DLC packs that can make gameplay substantially easier. Become a crystal hunter and search for a legendary haul.


    Best of Kemco: Legend of the Tetrarchs and Monochrome Order.

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