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    Have tried three times with no avail. The only time I got close was when I beat the red monster first. Gonna try beating the blue monster first next time, but in the meantime I’d appreciate some tips.



    Update: I finally beat Hemlock but I think it was 75% luck, 25% strategy.

    My main issue was that Margaret kept getting killed off before she could do anything useful so I upped her Defense slightly and had Marshma use that ability that strengthens defense & provides immunity/attack abilities. And I just had the Indiana Jones dude alternate using the Regenerate health ability and his  whip.

    Margaret did die once, but I did have the hero use the ability to revive her & give her temporary invincibility.

    Mostly, I just had the red monster killed first and then had Margaret keep using that shooting ability that gets rid of fortifications. When the red guy was revived, I had Marshma/the main hero take it out, the Indy guy keep healing, and Margaret just keep attacking Hemlock.

    Oddly enough, the main hero was the one who died in this attempt about 1/4 of the way through. I didn’t revive him until the Indy guy had like 50-60 MP though.


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