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    Jazz Apples

    Thanks! The issue I have is nothing indicates to go back through there and talk to him. I would have never done that naturally if there wasn’t an achievement for all of Ross’s skills (I’m on xbox). After beating the boss of the dungeon I usually ‘warp’ out since there’s nothing else to do. You would only ever get this if you backtrack through the dungeon after beating him, and even then he’s just sitting in a corner with no indication to talk until you walk up to him, or do like I did and go back through it looking for stuff you missed. I think the subquest giver did mention that she thought he was lonely and might need someone to talk to when I went back and talked with everyone though which is why I went back through there.

    Anyways, big shout out to this community for being so helpful and friendly to us xbox folks!


    Solved the issue on my own. Thanks anyway!

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    Anyone know how to find Soul survive? Last one I need. Looked everywhere I can think of already


    Anybody know the location of Comet Slash, it’s my last one.


    I got it, just talk to Jack from Sub-Event 2 after the event is completed.


    hello people dose anyone know where the skill griff’s edge is its only one i missing



    Cant find Griffs Edge πŸ™ and the internets doesnt help too πŸ™


    who is the killer?the weapon?and place?

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