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    20 Ross skills

    Skill How To Obtain
    Rapid Edge Initialized skill
    BattleField Support Lv 4
    Energy Chain Lv 10
    Thunder Strike Garela Path treasure
    Life Support Lv 13
    Extremity Relief Lv 16
    Flame Edge Deo Rame Ruins treasure
    Brave Heart Lv 28
    Griff’s Edge Hortensia Gorge treasure
    Element Rain Sanstan Town Blue Family House top left room bookshelf
    Soul Crush Finish No 1 side quest Mouse Extermination
    Vapor Slash Rough Lands (Hidden place east of Koze Dunes) treasure
    Death Revival Lv 32
    Front Prep Lv 38
    Comet Slash Take to Jack twice after finishing No 2 side quest Bandits in the Dunes
    Ice Blade Blujahoss Cave Treasure
    Sacrifice Lv 45
    Final Strike After talking to sea goddess
    Soul Survive Finish No 6 side quest A Missing Daughter
    Neo Testament Take to Janty twice after finishing No 8 side quest On the Blizzard


    8 Side Quests

    No Name Requester Walkthrough Reward
    1 Mouse Extermination Butler in Commercio Town inn after Marshma joins the party 1. Go to Sanstan Town Blue Family House
    2. Get south passage key on top left room
    3. Go to top right room to kill King Demon Rat
    Ross skill: Soul Crush
    2 Bandits in the Dunes Maid Melissa in Blue Family House after side quest No 1 1. Go to Koto Port on south of Sanstan Town to go to Koze Dunes
    2. Get Bone Brooch on the ground
    3. Follow the acorn and defeat Jack at the end
    Ross Skill: Comat Slash

    (Take to Jack twice)

    3 Present Showdown After you teleport to Moana Town first time 1. Go to Zalvano City and get Crystal Salt Bread or Rose Quartz at the top left booth No
    4 The Sandstorm Causer Talk to the old man at the north sandpile in Totori Town 1. Talk to mayor behind the lake to get the Cube
    2. From Garela Path heads north to the Deo Garela Ruins
    3. Defeat Lightning Accumulator. Note attacks from characters with Electric Shock will heal the enemy. Use skill like Brave Heart to clear it.
    4. Defeat Haboobu at the end
    5 A Forest Ruffian After answering the riddle (An apple) of the fairy in Negolk Forest, go south 1. Defeat Boss Conger and rescue Marshma at the end Marshma ring: Tank Ring

    (Talk to the rabbit)

    6 A Missing Daughter Talk to Wealthy-Looking Man after you get the airship in Camille Temple 1. Use airship to fly to Ahi Fiero Volcano at north of Commercio Town
    2. Defeat Charmer at the end
    3. Talk to Wealthy-Looking Man again and go to the terrace on the left side
    Ross Skill: Soul Survive
    7 A Forest Hideaway Use airship to fly to Mangore Family Home at the south west island.
    Talk to the young man at the entrance of inn.
    1. Go to Makalaya Forest at the north

    2. Defeat Dimill at the end

    Marshma ring: Absorb Ring
    8 On the Blizzard Use airship to fly toTsurara Family Home at the north east of the snowland.
    Talk to the young woman at the top left room of inn.
    1. Go to Deo Hyodora Ruins at the west
    2. After defeating the werewolf, enter the building and take the Strange Lamp on the left
    3. Melt the bell at the top and defeat Janty
    Ross Skill: Neo Testament (Take to Janty twice)


    Stampeding Golem guide

    After post game, go to Oshroida Mine and enter the new area from the north. Walk through the maze to meet Stampeding Golem. Stampeding Golem resists all damage except bomb attack. There are four Bomber Mads and they will keep bombing you. If they fail to bomb you. They will bomb their boss instead. Therefore you should increase your bomb increase from rings like Bomb Resist Ring or Deep-Sea Amulet. To avoid excessive casualties, you should kill 3 of the 4 Bomber Mad, but don’t kill them all or Stampeding Golem will just regenerate other 4 again. Tee should use Regenerate Hand and Healing Eye to clear the teammates bomb status. Marshma should use Bomber Kid Bomb Device to bomb the Stampeding Golem, but don’t use Bomber Mad Death Trap. You will end up accidentally bomb the Bomber Mads. Ross and Margaret are useless so just keep defending. Now you just sit down and wait the bomb explosion…

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