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    I did not write any review in quite a while, but I Completed the game and there is no review (Edit: There can’t be any review anymore, found out the hard way) so I write one.

    It’s a fun story about Ross, a mysterious Mercenary who takes any task to make a living. His life changes when he meets l Margaret, a girl from a family which was once rich. She ran away in search of Crystal Ortha, the mythical place where a huge amount of riches are located. Ross accepts her request to be her bodyguard until she finds said place under one condition: He will get a payment of 10,000,000G. On the way they meet Tee – a Hunter who keeps trying to get Margaret to date him regardless of consequences and Marshma – a sweet girl from a Clan which prays to the Dragons. Will they find the Mother Lode? Can Ross fulfill his destiny unknown to him? Play the game to find out.

    The Game has very nice story (Tee excluded). The good part of it is you (the player) are doing exactly what the game will point out towards the conclusion of the story.

    The game has the classic Turn-based System with Skills and Carmina (Game Passives or special effects). Each hero (except Marsha, who learns skills from enemies and can only equip Rings) learns their skills by level ups.

    There is not much to say except exploration is fun, but monsters repeat themselves constantly. There are only a handful of quests but they’re written well enough.

    If you like KEMCO games you should give it a try!



    • The Heroes are fun to meet!
    • Excellent Story
    • Engaging Boss Battles
    • Incredible music (at least a few fun dungeon songs)
    • Sidequests and Battles are fun.


    • Boring enemy variations are fought in every new area
    • AΒ constant reminder of Tee being Tee
    • Does not let me fight against Tee in 1v1 Battle Royale


    PS: I like Tee, but he should’ve been nicer.

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