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    Rina Cascade

    I defeated Post-Game Gova without companions, attacking and using any items. Not all ♀ casual gamers are that bad. Just sharing. (Please don’t hate)

    Actual Video: (Don’t mind the background sound and the purely no edit video)

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    Wonderful! Very creative, but some tense moments there…down below 2000 HP near the end…great fun:)

    Older, but not wiser

    MSG Commander

    I love it!


    All your base are


    YOOOOOO! i just finished this game the other day and even with 999 stats in all my current team
    i can barely beat this guy w/out the help of almighty brave force. but you,ms. rina beat it like it was nothing. at first when i saw this post im very skeptical to what’s this all about then when i view it i be like WOAh!! that’s impossible! don’t show off too much young gal. Then, there’s a proof video…… boi im speechless…. you actually do it…. after seeing this video i be like, is this really the super boss i have a very hard time? confirm STRONGEST CRYSTAREINO PLAYER! but because of this video i can easily beat that skull dude who like to triple cast. Thank you! Here’s a meme for you my lady.

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