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    XD I keep dying-like more than usual for me on bosses

    I have my team as

    Hero-Lvl 40
    Stacia-Lvl 40
    Diama-Lvl 40
    And Will-Lvl 37

    Lol I keep spamming my fire attacks like, Hero, Stacia, and Daima all have enranged(? Idr XD) flame, and Will has Heat Wave. I also use Stacia as a healer, so XD

    I can’t remember classes off the top of my head, except that Satica is a scocoror and Will is an advanced something I think

    Idk what to put here. I mean, I've only played Crystareino, and I'm not finished yet so XD

    MSG Commander

    Hey, I think I can actually help with this one… I took a look through the walkthrough pages (which you’ve probably already done…), and it looks like the dragon here is susceptible to Fire and Smash skills. (I also wrote that if you can raise your party’s ATK or MAG, that will speed up the battle, so consider that as well, but focus first on Fire and Smash skills…)

    So, look at the Class Progression List: – particularly at the “Bonus” and “Prereqs” columns.

    Based on that I’d recommend you get Stacia to either Advanced Sorcerer or Sage, and Will to either Advanced Fighter, or God of Battle. (Depends on how much grinding you feel like doing – but probably the intermediate job classes will be enough.)

    For the ATK+ and MAG+ boosts, I’d recommend to train one other person to Seeker for the skill “Swordology” (ATK+ for all allies), and the other one to Magic Fighter for “Evil Fighting Energy Wave” (MAG+ for all allies). You don’t really need MAG+ for all, but you can learn that skill pretty early on, so… that’s what I’d recommend.

    Also, make sure someone other than Stacia has good healing magic (like Thaumaturgist “Cura” or Advanced Thaumaturgist “All-Cura.”) You’ll want this on one of your other characters, so that Stacia and Will can both just focus on attacking the dragon.

    Let me know if this helps. 🙂

    P.S. There’s an item in the IAP shop that gets you extra Class Points, so leveling up the classes goes quicker… Depending on what device you’re playing on you should be earning free IAP points for every so many battles or enemies defeated, and it should be enough to buy a couple of those items by the end of the game…

    All your base are

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    Fun fact.

    Just after I posted this

    I beat the thing without dying

    Like ho w. My stupid butt luck sometimes xD thank you for the help tho xD I’ll keep that in mind for a second playthrough xD

    Idk what to put here. I mean, I've only played Crystareino, and I'm not finished yet so XD

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