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    There are 4 enemies I can not seem to locate that are listed in List of Enemies from the Collections, located in the title screen, as  numbered as 62, 64, 74, and 76.  I was hoping for some advice on how to encounter them.

    There is a weapon also that I am having trouble attaining the weapon listed as 110 within Collections List of  Weapons.



    I know that the weapon section of this site says it is called Ancient Beast Claws.  Also that it says it is a Drop from Dragon Lord, that is located in the Tower of Darkness, however I have at least 12 hours of game time wondering around the Tower of Darkness with 0 encounters with the  Dragon Lord.


    I know this is not real help, but I did check the collections list on the website against my game, and the information is the same.  I also checked the Dragon Lord against my own spreadsheet, and I also have it in the Tower of Darkness with the same drop.  So at least you should not have doubts that website is accurate on these items.

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    Do happen to know if it is the same case in the version for the Nintendo 3ds.

    I hope it is not the same situation as with the point shop in Rodwaal not existing in the Nintendo 3ds version.

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    It would be really rotten if they changed it in the 3DS version, but I suppose it’s possible. 😕

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