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    I have looked everywhere and talked to everyone in the town and in the castle, the only room i have not been in yet is the one to the left of the princess’s room, do to the 2 purple cloaked mages blocking the entrance, the version I have of game is a download on a Nintendo 3ds.


    I don’t know about 3DS version, but on Android the points shop in Rodwaal is the first building on the left as you enter the town. There’s a star beside the door:


    If it isn’t there in your version,Β  is it possible the 3DS version doesn’t have it? I got a Kemco game from Amazon, back when they had their ‘Actually Free’ program going. The game was technically free, but IAP weren’t available.

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    That’s just great, in the 3ds version that door is a window.

    Which would explain why I could not find it

    Thanks anyway.

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