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    This list is not complete, nor does it contain boss drops or other “1 time monsters.” Also, some monsters can appear in multiple locations, and in general I don’t list all the locations.

    Monster Drop Location
    Nightmare black mail Tower of Darkness
    Death Phantom voodoo stone Tower of Darkness
    Rich divine nectar Tower of Darkness
    Dragon Lord ancient beast claws Tower of Darkness
    Golem golem suit Tower of Darkness
    Big Foot spiked hammer Forest of Illusions
    Unicorn analeptic drug Forest of Illusions
    Man Eater finest herb Forest of Illusions
    Teppan fruits of vitality Adventurer’s Cave
    Metal Fist djinn’s bracelet Adventurer’s Cave
    Medusa Bat all purpose cure Adventurer’s Cave
    Mandragora supreme herb Adventurer’s Cave
    Mythril damascus Adventurer’s Cave
    Hell Priest water mirror earring Adventurer’s Cave
    Demon Sword raven sword Adventurer’s Cave
    Dullahan fruit of strength Adventurer’s Cave
    Dragon Zombie divine nectar Adventurer’s Cave
    Alles golem suit Adventurer’s Cave
    *demon on 10th floor damascus Adventurer’s Cave
    Snow Daddy djinn’s bracelet Frozen Mountain Path
    Thief bandit dagger Frozen Mountain Path
    Cerberus frost claws Frozen Mountain Path
    Snow Trap analeptic drug Frozen Mountain Path
    White Spirit supreme herb Frozen Mountain Path
    Neuro Cabat neurological drug Natural Bastille
    Guard Goblin guard coin Natural Bastille
    Hard Gelatin shield shell Natural Bastille
    Paras Gango fang accessory Natural Bastille
    Grim Reaper quailty holy water Natural Bastille
    Poison Pancho antidote Elmania Mountain Path
    Snapgoth herb Elmania Mountain Path
    Mountain Cabat antidote Elmania Mountain Path
    Kamur Band kamur sword Elmania Mountain Path
    Manian Goblin club Elmania Mountain Path
    Brown Cabat antidote Elmania Mountain Path
    Phantom holy water Elmania Mountain Path
    Forest Pancho herb Deep Green Forest
    Goblin club Deep Green Forest
    Snapgoth herb Deep Green Forest
    Orion tear of a star Undersea Cave
    Dark Pancho holy water Undersea Cave
    Dark Phantom quailty holy water Undersea Cave
    Dark Hobbit bronze stone axe Undersea Cave
    Dragon raging fire armor Undersea Cave
    Black Gelatin shield shell Undersea Cave
    Wild Gango fang accessory Undersea Cave
    Pancho herb Grotto of Magic Stones
    Cabat antidote Grotto of Magic Stones
    Holy Gango fang accessory Sacred Grotto
    Great Knight rune armor Sacred Grotto
    Holy Pancho holy protection stone Sacred Grotto
    Fire God homura Sacred Grotto
    Gelatin blinding liquid Water Temple
    Snow Pancho freezing silver stone Water Temple
    Ice Phantom holy water Water Temple
    Saponin herb Water Temple
    Thunder Sword necklace of thunder Water Temple
    Lord Knight black mail Water Temple
    Eve siren Water Temple
    White Dragon divine nectar Water Temple
    Mad Butler fist of darkness Water Temple
    Twinkie freezing silver stone Water Temple
    Evil Eye wind engulfing stone Water Temple
    Guardian of the Temple eye of ancient dragon Water Temple
    Chimera magic robe island nw of adv cave
    Fire God homura island nw of adv cave
    Roving Soul all purpose cure island nw of adv cave
    Bandit kamur sword desert near Zingaya
    Oak large hatchet desert near Zingaya
    Sahara Gango feather accessory desert near Zingaya
    Salt Ponyon freezing silver stone ocean
    Sea Star quality herb ocean
    Manian Goblin club island ne
    Manian Gango herb island ne

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    I added a few, and put my comment directly in the topic and not as an attached file.

    Older, but not wiser

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