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    Primal Max

    I am starting Crystareino after a factory reset on my phone, and I found something that wasn’t mentioned in the Location Walkthrough or the Forum (maybe? Didn’t check all of them…)

    After Eppol (your creature teacher) wakes you up, he tells you to go downstairs, right? (In the very beginning) You have to then move your character downstairs. At that time, (maybe later too? Never checked) you can open the drawer beside the bed and gain an armor ‘Protector’ with 21 DEF. Our char can’t equip it right now though (dunno why). And in the drawer in the next room, you get a Herb.

    I’m not sure if you guys know this or not…I just posted it cuz it might help someone…

    Are there any other items?

    MSG Commander

    Hi Primal Max,

    Crystareino is actually full of hidden treasures. (There are a number of Kemco games, mostly by Hit Point, that have treasures hidden in pots or bookshelves. Usually a question mark will appear when you’re standing next to it.)

    I looked at the walkthrough and it does mention the Protector, but all the information is kind of buried in the middle of a paragraph, so I guess I didn’t make it really clear that it’s there.

    FWIW, there’s also an Herb in the bedroom next to the Hero’s room (although you’ve probably advanced to a point where you can’t go back and get it now until almost the end of the game…)

    So anyway, just about every town in the game has hidden treasures. They’re all listed in the walkthrough, but there’s no information on “search the pot next to the Inn…” or anything like that. (Crystareino was one of the first walkthroughs I wrote, so it’s not really detailed like the Asdivine walkthroughs or anything – but all the important information should be there.)

    All your base are

    Primal Max

    Hmm…then maybe I can create one? It’ll be an awesome job! Just…I hope my dad doesn’t somehow uninstall it like my Asivine Cross…I was at NG+ on lvl 200+…T-T

    I’m not that ahead though. I didn’t even reach to Fura…

    MSG Commander

    Yeah that would be awesome! Just send me a PM and I’ll try to answer any questions or give you whatever guidance you might need for how to format it etc. B)

    All your base are

    Primal Max

    Thanks. I’m at Elmania now (gonna go there to get a boat), and have recorded every lirtle thingie I found in the drawers and pots on a notebook. So far, there’s a lot of stuff around in Rondwall (is that its name?) and Aristo, and I haven’t gotten a chance to explore Elmania. I hope I can explore Zingyaza (its name?) though…

    Primal Max

    Aw, so far I can play only till Aristo cuz I have the free version…ugh.

    Anyways, these are my findings:

    +>Real World

    ===>Hero’s home
    Protector Armor (Drawer, Hero’s room)
    Herb (Drawer, room next to Hero’s room)

    +>Other World

    Herb (Pot next to Point Shop)
    Holy Water (Pot next to house in the northwest corner)
    ===>Points Shop
    Power Coin (Pot inside the Shop)
    ===>Item Shop
    Herb (Pot inside the Shop)
    160G (Pot inside the Shop)
    ===>House in the northwest corner
    Traveller’s Cloak (Drawer)
    Note: The Princess’ drawer is locked atm. There might be something inside later on.

    Quality Herb (Pot next to house in northeast corner)
    ===>Item Shop
    Fruit of Technique (Pot inside the Shop)
    Antidote (Pot inside the Shop)
    ===>House north of Item Shop
    Leather Dress (Drawer)
    ===>House in Northeast corner
    Heavy Knife (Drawer)
    330G (Drawer, room to the left)

    This is all I found, maybe not enough for a guide…

    MSG Commander

    I think there’s an actually free version on Amazon Underground. :huh:

    Anyway the list you have so far looks perfect.

    All your base are

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